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Francesco Palmieri

Francesco Palmieri playing the guitar. Photo.

PhD research project: "Redefining Contemporary Guitar Performance Practice through Spherical Amplification via S.T.OOGE"

PhD supervisor: Michael Edward Edgerton

Institution: Malmö Academy of Music

Period: November 2023 – October 2027

The use of amplification technologies is an integral part of contemporary guitar practice, given the dynamic limitations of the classical guitar and the inherent nature of the electric guitar. However, Amplification or reinforcement strategies via traditional loudspeakers pose significant musical challenges, such as the perceptual incompatibility between acoustic and electroacoustic sources and the loss of the bodily experience of listening to living sounds. 

Implementing spherical amplification through outward-radiating spherical loudspeaker arrays in instrumental practice would allow overcoming these issues, opening up unprecedented musical possibilities. S.T.OOGE, constructed in collaboration with Giuseppe Silvi (LEAP Rome) in April 2023, represents our first prototype of a spherical loudspeaker specifically designed for guitar amplification. 

This research aims to investigate the renewed performative scope and compositional insights offered by spherical amplification strategies via S.T.OOGE in contemporary guitar practice, in a continual dialectic exchange between artistic needs and technological drive.

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