Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, established by Lund University.
Two female artists with saxophones standing against a red background. Foto.
Sound Spaces 2020
New Music Festival
October 16th - October 31st
SOUND SPACES is an open window towards nowadays post-classical music world, with internationally active composers and sound artists who are invited to create and perform, infusing different spaces of Malmö with their art. It is an open window towards nowadays post-classical music world, with internationally active composers and sound artists who are invited to create and perform, infusing different spaces of Malmö with their art.
Two musicians with instruments . Photo
More + With – Less
October 30th - November 3rd
‘More with less’ is an international collaboration project, involving six composers from four different countries: Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Lithuania. The fruit of this collaboration will be a new repertoire for Duo Dubois, created through vicinity between composers and performers. Duo Dubois is a young duo of saxophone and percussion, dedicated to the research and the production of recent art music.
Öresund Collegium for artistic research. Illustration.
Öresund Collegium for Artistic Research
Artistic Research at Malmö Theatre Academy
September 21st - December 31st
The Öresund Collegium for Artistic Research aims to develop collaborations with researchers, artists and their respective institutions in the Öresund region. Its point of departure resides in the fertile and versatile artistic and academic culture prevailing in the area: the three academies of the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, the other faculties of LU, the neighbouring universities on both sides of the Öresund, as well as a plethora of local artistic, cultural, social and ecological agents.
Lettering on a computer screenshot. Illustration.
From Soul to Other
Martine Flor
September 1st - November 28th
This project seeks to investigate technology and its influence on reading and narration in the construction of a coherent and autonomous self. Departing from a Lacanian understanding of language, it seeks to trace the impact of a digital Other on subjectivation: what would the impact of a digital Other completely indifferent of its subjects be? An Other that lacks what is fundamentally human, such as temporality, death and empathy? An Other that repeals the distance between self and market necessary for critical judgment?
an elderly lady from behind, who is touching an Egyptian head bust with both hands. Foto.
Transmediating meaning
Audio guides for visually impaired visitors in art museums
September 1st - December 31st
‘Transmediating meaning’ analyses audio guides as complex transmedial formats with multiple media shifts: Visual objects, sculptures, paintings, etc., are translated into spoken text whose characteristics, perceptions and readings differ from the ‘original’. An examination of these differences is crucial for the democratic application of audio guides for different visitor groups such as visually impaired visitors that are widely excluded from the art discourse.
Installation View. Photo.
Black Bird (working title)
Maria Naidu
November 7th - November 19th
Photographer Masahisa Fukases complex work is translated into a choreographic composition that blends movement, projections, soundscape, lighting in a cinematic collage. The work researches how equivalence can be achieved between projection and a live body in a stage setting. It also explores how a high level of interaction between a live body and scenography can be attained by combining projectionmapping with interaction-design.
An instrument body made from various instruments and abstract wire silhouettes.
Instrumental Bodies / Make Sound Residency
Lars Kynde, Soeine Bac
November 9th - December 4th
Danish composer and inventor Lars Kynde and Canadian visual artist and dancer Soeine Bac meet in the Make Sound residency to explore their shared interest in integration of sound and movement. They will together transform the space into a large mechanical acoustic instrument-body of strings and steel, which Soeine Bac will explore in relation to her own body by dancing inside it and altering the timbres with her body weight.
Passing Through
Conducting waves, space and matter
November 30th - December 20th
‘Passing Through’ is a sound installation project that reflects upon the way waves of energy and signals move though and around space and matter. Inspired by her ongoing work with sonification of electromagnetic waves from radio, telephone and Wi-Fi signals, Camille Roth will explore concepts of barriers, connections, interfaces and conducting materials, that shape the way that information flows.