Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, established by Lund University.
Recording studios at IAC. Photo.
Acousmatic concerts at IAC
June 18th - June 20th
The acousmonium is back and ready to diffuse a selection of brand new electronic and acousmatic pieces as well as some classics. It is now 10 years since the acousmonium was first set up at Inter Arts Center. The world was very different then. Nevertheless we continue to renew the collaboration between Inkonst, IAC and SOUND SPACES to present a window on the current status of acousmatic music in Europe. Have a look at the programme...
Installation image with horse and man. Photo.
INTONAL at IAC / Mohamed Bourouissa
16 June - 20 June 2021

Intonal will host a multi-screen installation of his 2015 film, Horse Day, in which Bourouissa captures the urban cowboys of North Philadelphia. Focused on a fascinating equestrian event, this film celebrates these urban riders while questioning traditional images of cowboys. Inspired by US photographer Martha Camarillo’s photographs of horsemen in Strawberry Mansion, an impoverished Philadelphia neighbourhood, Bourouissa travelled there to see the urban stables. For eight months the artist observed, drew, and photographed the riders. With a strong collaborative sensibility, Bourouissa worked with the community, which led him to Horse Day.

Lola Ajima on the sounds. Photo.
INTONAL at IAC / Acousmonium Workshop with Lola Ajima
18 June 2021

The acousmonium is a powerful instrument for live spatialization. In this free workshop, artist Lola Ajima (who performs on it on Saturday night) will tell us about its history and offer an introduction on how it works and how to use it. Participants will also have the opportunity for hands-on spatialization of electroacoustic music, trying the system for themselves. This workshop is for sound artists and experimental musicians who are interested in live spatialization for concert, installation, or theater performance, or anyone else interested in electroacoustic music.

Sound bench at the Botanicall Garden. Photo.
“The Garden”, Sound Bench at Botan
Jonna Hägg
May 3rd - June 24th
The Sound Environment Centre has acquired a sound bench for different sound experiments, artistic projects and the communication of research. During the Sustainability Week and until mid-summer, the bench will be placed in the Botanical Garden, where a site-specific sound artwork has been developed especially for the bench. For several years, the artist behind the work, Jonna Hägg, has been exploring how the soundscape of the world in general is changing. Human sounds have become so pervasive on earth that we have created a third category just for them: anthropophony. The sound installation is a collaboration between the Sound Environment Centre, the Botanical Garden and the Inter Arts Center, which produced the installation.
IASPIS / Malmö Konsthall residency
Sebastian Moske
June 20th - September 30th
Sebastian Moske works with literature, that he cuts up to open and suggestive text tapestries read out by performers. These texts become part of a rhythmical video filmed on locations that are in interesting tension to the texts accumulated. He will read The Poetic Edda, different Swedish Crime Novels and is very interested in “Kallocain” by Karin Boye.
Portrait of Felicita Brusoni. Photo.
SOUND SPACES 2021 – Felicita Brusoni / Scattered Voices
2 July 2021
Felicita Brusoni (b. 1986, Italy) is a contemporary soprano, vocal performer and a PhD student in Music with specialization in voice at Malmö Academy of Music, University of Lund (Sweden) carrying on a practice-based research project about extended vocal techniques. Through collaborations with composers and attending different labs focused on contemporary music, she started to explore the melting of different languages, incorporating various components in her performances, from visual arts to electronics.
Man in a mask. Photo.
SOUND SPACES 2021 – Bertrand Chavarría-Aldrete / Something in between
3 July 2021

Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete is an artist with various working methods that have their origin in sound, based on musical interpretation as a creative criticism, moving towards intervention and creation, both in music and in the plastic arts. As an interpreter, Bertrand has premiered more than 70 works playing in the most important halls and festivals in Europe and America as a soloist and in chamber music. In the field of composition his works use a wide panorama of devices. String quartet, douleur exquise, theatre,, experimental music.