Landscape with snow. Photo.
How Artistic Researchers are Sonifying Climate Data
19 October 2023

Berlin-based Sono-Choreographic Collective discuss their sound installation “Twenty Springs”, happening in parallel at Malmö Konsthall from 18t to 22 October 2023. They will discuss methods of artistic research, and how they turned 20 years of environmental data into a 60-minute installation. The discussion will also explore how artistic research creates knowledge, and intersections between artistic and academic research. It specifically welcomes both an interested general public and practitioners interested in artistic research.

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Inter Feral Arts #8
Concerts, film screenings, discussions & PhD seminars
October 26th - December 10th
Inter Feral Arts is a platform for artistic excellence and experimental research in music. From October to December 2023, IAC and the Malmö Academy of Music will hold the next Inter Feral Arts #8 which will include concerts, discussions, workshops and PhD seminars. This years's Inter Feral Arts is directed by Professor of Artistic Research in Music Michael Edward Edgerton, and organised through Malmö Academy of Music and Inter Arts Center.
A ferret looking at an enlighten object. Photo.
Virtual rooms in meat space
Freja Andersson
October 30th - November 3rd
‘Virtual rooms in meat space’ is an artistic research project in dialogue with young people. The project is supported by Region Skåne within the initiative "Support for new forms of storytelling and stories for children and young people". The project investigates new tools and artistic methods for working with and towards a young audience. Through workshops and talks, teenagers in Malmö are invited to collaboratively develop an interactive, multisensory installation that explores experiences and translations between virtual rooms and IRL worlds.