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Introduction to 3D animation with Maya

13 March to 20 April 2023

Animated figure. Illustration.

MFA course open for PhD students within the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts

This course introduces students to the major features of Maya: modeling, animation, texture, lighting, rendering, rigging and popular workflow. Concepts are quickly reviewed and explained and then demonstrated using Maya in advanced level. Students will gain proficiency by following class examples as well as creating projects and exercises. The coursework is designed to introduce participants to all relevant aspects of CG creation with Maya and to give them a foundation on which to build and expand their skills.

The final intention is to leave the student with a general foundation of all aspects of production in Maya as well as deeper coverage of the most important needs of CG production workflow: lighting, rendering, and integration.

The course aims to teach such concepts and practicalities of workflow in each lecture, and gives students the task of practising with Maya in both lab time and personal time. This course is offered in cooperation with the Inter Art Center as a master class (no credits given) for PhD students within the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts.

Teachers: Youngjae Lih, Lecturer in Fine Arts at Malmo Art Academy and Margot Edström, Artistic Supervisor at IAC.

There are only a few places available. To sign up for the course, send an email to margot [dot] edstrom [at] iac [dot] lu [dot] se (margot[dot]edstrom[at]iac[dot]lu[dot]se), 13 February at the latest. Note that there are opportunities to make a customized course plan. In that case, contact Margot to discuss this.


Week 11: 13, 15, 16, 17th of March

Week 14: 3, 5, 6th of April (Mon, Wed, Thu)

Week 15: 12, 13, 14th of April (Wed–Fri)

Week 17: 27th of April (Wed, 10:00): Final presentation

LOCATION: Black Room, Inter Arts Center