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Formationer (Formations) / Make Sound Residency

6 to 18 December 2023

Light formations on wall. Photo.
Photo credit: Michael Mørkholt

Work in progress viewing / Talk
Wednesday, 13 December, at 14:00
Location: Red Room

At IAC Jonas Olesen & Michael Mørkholt will be working on further development of their audio-visual piece “Formationer” (Formations). In the piece they explore the formations of organic moving figures projected on paper sheets. The piece uses loudspeakers, mirror foil and sinewave generators. The mirror foil is mounted on loudspeaker cones, and mechanically animated by playing various frequency sweeps with the generators. A number of lamps shines light on the mirror foil that are then reflected onto paper sheets hanging from the ceiling. The investigation is thus a combination of the aesthetic of purely abstract forms, and their relationship with exact frequency combinations.

A small scale version of the piece was exhibited summer 2023 at Stevns Fyrcenter, Denmark.

Jonas Olesen is a Danish composer and sound artist (born 1979). Formerly lecturer in electronic composition and history at the Danish Institute for Electronic Music (DIEM),and coordinator of the Scandinavian education program in sound art Nordic Sound Art. Runs the BIN label.

Listen to Jonas Olesen on Bandcamp –

Michael Mørkholt is a Danish-based artist, composer and performer working in a field between instrumental music, electronics, installation and performance. Most recent works revolve around generative music systems, automatic modal improvisation, reduction and abstraction. Mørkholt works within formal experimentation and intuitive physics as a framework for a recurring idea of an interdisciplinary synesthetic output with a direct link between sound and image. Mørkholts music has been performed at venues and festivals such as Café Oto (UK), Super Delux (JP), Art Metropole (CA), Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK), LAM, Muse Ìe Art Contemporain, Art Moderne et Art Brut de Lille Metropole (F), Overgaden (DK), Tate/ Intermedia Art (UK), Roskilde Festival (DK), Rooseum (SE), Museet for Samtidskunst (DK), Tonic/ Bunker (US), Titanik (FI), Delta~Wave, Het Bos (BE).

Composed for and played with Solhorn, År & Dag, MX, ÆMÆX, Jab Mica Och El, Den Nørrejyske Øs Stororkester for Opløst Mønstermusik, Sommersolhvervsorkesteret, Århus Politi-Orkester. Co-founder of År & Dag and founder of Lille Kommune, MFA, DJK, DK.

Find more about Michael Mørkholt’s recent release here –

Listen to music by Michael Mørkholt on Vimeo –

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