Master of Fine Arts in Artistic Research (MFAAR)
Bárbara Sánchez Barroso, Karin Hald, Sanna Jarl-Hansson, Vala T Foltyn
23 May 2022 - 30 May 2022
We are pleased to announce the exam exhibition by the first group of graduating students from the Master of Fine Arts in Artistic Research (MFAAR) programme at Malmö Art Academy. The exam projects are the conclusion of two years of thinking through the visual and developing large-scale research projects and research proposals. The exhibition at IAC is a unique possibility to engage with each of their findings as potential new beginnings.
IASPIS residency
Joe Kessler
8 August 2022 - 30 September 2022
Artist, cartoonist and co-founder of Breakdown Press, Joe Kessler (London), is invited to Malmö as part of IASPIS International Programme for Visual and Media Artists. Joe Kessler is currently contributing to the development of comics with new design techniques. Inspired by risography, he colors his images in different layers with the help of a computer, and then has them offset printed with selected colors. The residency is hosted by K3, the Department of Arts, Culture and Communication. 
When Knowledge is not enough
Terike Haapoja, Sissel Tolaas, Pia Rönicke, Pablo José Ramiréz, Markus Reymann, Angela Rawlings, Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir, Emilija Škarnulytè, Stella D’Ailly, Jana Winderen, Solveig Suess & Asia Bazdyrieva, Forensic Architecture, Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas
28 September 2022 - 30 September 2022
A symposium programme with lectures, panel discussions, screenings, installations and performances. The aim of the symposium and surrounding programme is to show how artistic research and artists today are looking for new ways to engage with and make sense of our climate futures. We all know what is at stake and still surprisingly little is being done to challenge our clear but nonetheless dark scenarios. So how do artists produce new knowledge or new sense of what we already know?