IN PROCESS – Experiments and errors (part 2)
Oona Libens
1 March 2021 - 14 March 2021
As selected artist for the open call "IN PROCESS – Experiments and errors" by HAUT and IAC, Oona Libens starts the second part of her residency at IAC. Through the research project 'Spider Threads' Oona will investigate the relationship between binary technology and weaving, as part of a bigger question about how the digital technology could be defined by curiosity and inclusivity instead of commerce and surveillance.
Connect 2021
12 March 2021 - 14 March 2021
Connect is a three-day festival, arranged by Tongeneration and the composition students from Musikhögskolan. Its aim is to present a varied take on today's contemporary art music, with music written in the continuous development of Western art music, either for traditional ensemble settings or for more obscure ones. The festival also focuses strongly on exploring and evolving the versatile opportunities provided in an electro-acoustic setting.
Born Without Hands
Maja Karlsson, Leif Holmstrand, Samuel A.D. Martín
25 January 2021 - 14 March 2021
'Born Without Hands' is a chorus with an unknown number of voices (belonging to an unknown number of species) giving thanks, praise and head, exorcising and conjuring all of this love wrath. The tools include prayer, knitting, terror, candelabras, breathing and dying.
From Soul to Other
Martine Flor
18 January 2021 - 21 February 2021
During her residency Martine Flor will work on a new video which will be a part of a larger project. This video evolves around a scanned document, containing an anonymously handwritten text with thoughts on psychoanalysis and its relation to language and representation, the image and the gaze. Martine is interested in working with a tension between different ways of seeing and reading, between a materiality of things and the immateriality of the digital, as well the handwriting itself and its assumed relation to memory, thinking and the subconscious.
Emilia Bergmark
9 February 2021 - 25 February 2021
'Soap' is a new work being produced by the artist Emilia Bergmark for the exhibition with the same name at the project space Sirin, in Copenhagen. The work was inspired by a sub-genre of British Social Realism known as the "Kitchen-sink-drama". Taking place in the private sphere of the home, 'Soap' addresses contemporary anxieties such as economy, performance pressure, and equality in the modern home with a humorous approach.
Karis Zidore, Paolo Gile De Venecia, Elin Stampe, Naya Moll
4 January 2021 - 17 January 2021
‘Caresses’ is a choreographic work by choreographer and dancer, Emilie Gregersen. It is a duet that delves into a sensuous relationship between two bodies navigating through touch as they unfold its influences both on a sensory and emotional level. The act of caressing is being amplified and stretched on scales of intimacy and distance, attraction and repulsion, casual gesture and heightened bodily experience. The piece is a part of her performance series that studies perceptions of touch from a phenomenological and choreographic perspective.
Immersive Days #1
Mattias Wallergård, Mirabelle Jones, Gibson & Martelli (Ruth Gibson & Bruno Martelli), Lundahl & Seitl (Christer Lundahl & Martina Seitl), Johan Lundin, Francis Patrick Brady, Mark Durkan, Jakob la Cour, Tim Bishop, Kent Olofsson, Alessandro Perini, Jakob Riis, Lotta Fahlén
2 June 2021 - 4 June 2021
Immersive Days #1 is both a network and a new annual gathering of professional artists, curators, researchers, technicians, teachers and students within a broad field of immersive technologies and (artistic) practices. The initiative functions as a continuation of several symposiums, workshops and research into immersive technologies in art.  We meet up to share, explore and playtest XR (extended reality) and immersive sound projects, often works in progress. We give feedback to each other and we share experiences and challenges.
Personal Spa TV
1 March 2021 - 14 March 2021
Personal Spa TV is a fictional mobile spa that has its own internal TV channel. This spa has recently started exhibiting performance artists. During the exhibition everything is filmed and some kind of spa treatment is also offered to the exhibition visitors. During the residency at IAC Personal Spa TV staff will learn how to work with live stream and how to build a portable TV studio setting with the help of a green screen and perhaps some inflatable TV studio set design.
When Knowledge is not enough
Terike Haapoja, Sissel Tolaas, Pia Rönicke, Pablo José Ramiréz, Markus Reymann, Angela Rawlings, Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir, Emilija Škarnulytè, Stella D’Ailly, Jana Winderen, Solveig Suess & Asia Bazdyrieva, Forensic Architecture, Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas
29 September 2021 - 1 October 2021
A symposium programme with lectures, panel discussions, screenings, installations and performances. The aim of the symposium and surrounding programme is to show how artistic research and artists today are looking for new ways to engage with and make sense of our climate futures. We all know what is at stake and still surprisingly little is being done to challenge our clear but nonetheless dark scenarios. So how do artists produce new knowledge or new sense of what we already know?