Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, established by Lund University.
Amfi #1-4 (working title)
Saga Gärde
January 1st - June 30th
The project AMFI # 1-4 (working title), deals with the question of how one with sound design and video can create a dramatic situation in a lyrical text performed on stage. The project aims to investigate the staged reading as a theatric form in order to create a new scene for contemporary drama – with monthly premieres where texts are read and dramatized through video and sound design during a two years period as a start. The intention is to draw attention to and emphasize the dramatic potential of new texts.
Leif JF Calloiscott
The vertigo of play and fantasy in the theories of Leif J. F. Calloiscott
November 3rd - March 1st
A presentation of original recordings and a reenactment of the little-known Swedish child psychologist Leif J. F. Callioscott. He was an experimental practice based academic whose theory of ‘Audible Transitional Objects’ places play and fantasy as crucial cornerstones in child development. At the same time, he was convinced that the fantastical, magical or “unreal” sonic elements that we are exposed to whilst young help us create a picture of reality as its polar opposite.
INTONAL – Experimental music festival
A blazing inferno of experimental music, art and dancing over five days
April 24th - April 28th
Intonal is an annual festival for experimental and electronic music that has been held in Malmö, Sweden since 2015. The focus of the festival is to offer an international programme of experimental and electronic music covering a wide range of genres, subgenres and unique expressions.
City Dwellers 1
Tale Næss
February 4th - February 14th
‘City Dwellers 1’ is an open-ended project in the form of a dramatic, immersive sound-installation. The sounds will mainly consist of voices, cries and whispers. Outbursts, statements and conversations. Although the voices will feel private, the installation as a whole shall constitute a public space, an entity like a city. Tale Næss is trying to create a third space, where history, culture and place come together as one - to trigger a general sense of how we see things and how we shape our surroundings and vice versa.

Constructed Weather (part2)
Jonna Hägg
November 4th - October 31st
The project revolves around the weather, the force of nature and its soundscapes. The sound tracks will be based on field recordings made in different locations, mostly from Iceland and Gotland. In these sounds the power of nature is in a kind of imbalance: the sounds are threatening, vibrating, alarming and capturing at the same time nature’s great reserves of power.
WE (working title)
A durational performative installation and visual play
November 26th - December 31st
The visual artist duo J&K has been invited by IAC and Inkonst to develop their first piece for stage. The work is positioned on the threshold between fine and performing arts and will both be a performative installation and a visual play. J&K will experiment with combining and juxtaposing fragments, ritual elements and immersive participation as well as staged abstract material installations into a durational multimedia piece.