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Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic research and experimental art, located in the former chocolate factory Mazetti in Malmö.

Recent projects

Public presentation of dissertation works by PhD Candidates at Malmö Art Academy

Public presentation of dissertation works by PhD Candidates at Malmö Art Academy

The public are invited to attend presentations at the 50% PhD seminar held at IAC by candidates at the doctoral programme in fine arts, from Malmö Art Academy.
Elberling & Frisk
2014-05-01 — 2015-12-31

Elberling & Frisk

Anders Elberling och Henrik Frisk have worked together for severeal years trying to combine audio and video on equal terms. Over the years we have produced a few large works of which the latest is a video for the performance work Go To Hell, premiered in Stockholm but also performed in Hanoi and Ghe
Anti-himlakroppar och Drömmar

Anti-himlakroppar och Drömmar

Anti-himlakroppar och Drömmar is a Cabaret full of different artistic expressions. A band of visual artists, composers, musicians and actors have been working during a longer period to create a total work of art for all senses, based on two poems from two different epochs.
Participatory Practices in Art and Architecture
2015-11-12 — 2015-10-13

Participatory Practices in Art and Architecture

The two-day symposium “PP in AA” wants to reexamine the issue of participation in contemporary art and architecture practices. In recent decades, art and architecture’s engagement with concerned publics and communities have manifested in range of different ways.
The Swedish Research Council
2015-11-25 — 2015-10-26

The Swedish Research Council's annual symposium on artistic research 2015

The committee for artistic research at the Swedish Research Council's annual symposium on artistic research will take place on 25-26 November this year. The location is Malmö and the host is the arts faculty at Lund University.
2015-11-20 — 2015-12-01


The exhibition brings togetherJane Jin Kaisen’s evocative 7-channel projected video installation Reiterations of Dissent (2011/15) with a presentation of her new and ongoing project Of Specters – or Returns. Both projects form part of her artistic research PhD.
Ghost Installations
2015-10-24 — 2016-05-31

Ghost Installations

Temporary installations placed in sites in Stockholm to give the places chosen a "ghost" of both the past and of alternative futures.
Welcome to voice land

Welcome to voice land

Janna Holmstedt, PhD Candidate at Umeå Academy of Fine Art, is presenting her work ”YOU-TAPE-GOD – Explorations of Voice, A/Orality and Constructed Situations from Within a Visual Arts Practice” in a 50% PhD seminar at wlabs and Inter Arts Center.
Wrap Your Troubles into Dreams
2015-10-22 — 2015-11-08

Wrap Your Troubles into Dreams

An artistic research project by PhD student Mats Eriksson that investigates city transformation processes in the Stockholm area, by viewing them through two political attitudes expressed in the city.
Inside/Outside on tour in Europe
2015-10-31 — 2015-11-28

Inside/Outside on tour in Europe

Inside/Outside is an installation and performance for three choreographed musicians based on a concept by Nguyen Thanh Thuy. The project is now heading off for an international tour starting at Världskulturmuseet in Göteborg.