Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, established by Lund University.
RA, or re: the Whole
artistic project
November 1st - December 31st
“RA, or re: the whole” is a project centred around the confrontation of the self and the Other, by introducing the object as interchangeable of either elements and as the border between the two. The object is given a narrative that playfully oscillates between historical and fictional representations while constructing a physical concept of humanisation.
Tja chat, tjena chien, om härmning som förskjutning
30 November 2016

Welcome to an evening with two works by choreographer Marcus Doverud and artist Liv Strand: the performance piece ‘Tja chat tjena chien, concerning mimetic displacement’ (40 minutes) and a celebration by a short introduction of the new collaboratively written book ‘Viformation’ (We-formation).

‘Tja chat tjena chien, concerning mimetic displacement’ departs from mime as a concept and a form of delivery. How something can be brought to experience and be understood, coexists with what it is to expose something through embodying it. Giving it another body. The displacement that the mimes brings about has to do with an embodiment. Basic to mime as stage performance is that another body, the imitating one, show a facet of what is mimed. In the work ‘Tja chat tjena chien, concerning mimetic displacement’ imitation also happens by stories we tell. The performance was made 2016 for the performance festival Revolve in Uppsala.

Artists in residence: Bombina Bombast
Critical Representation & Virtual Reality
September 5th - November 20th
Bexell and Stanisic will work at IAC with a combination of criticism and practice in a series of workshops and productions where they, together with invited artists and HCI researchers, explore the performative uses of virtual reality technologies and the radical potential of VR to present perspectives and narratives where audience agency and embodiment are unconditional parts of the storytelling. The aim is to develop methods for the artistic process with focus on diversity in representation, and explore audience experience.