Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, established by Lund University.
TRANSISTOR 6: The City and The City
A festival for contemporary performing arts
November 8th - November 25th
Transistor 6 is a month-long festival for contemporary performing arts featuring interdisciplinary work from different artists, institutions and collectives. Transistor explores the format of the festival through performances, talks, screenings, exhibitions and concerts.
Interference #7
A Laboratory for Artistic Research in Music
November 20th - November 25th
Interference #7 which is organized by the Malmö Academy of Music is a laboratory for artistic research. The aim of Interference #7 is to create a discourse within music research, drawn from performative and material perspectives on musical creativity. The atmosphere is that of sharing and joint exploration.
‘That Damn Borderline’ / Hertzbreakerz – concert
25 November 2018

In ‘That Damn Borderline’, composers and string player Marco Fusi gathers to explore the space in between composition and sound art. Composers are challenged to make new pieces especially for Marco Fusi, that plays both the violin and viola d’amore, a baroque instrument with seven strings. All composers have done their own research on sound art and composition, and the resulting pieces are fruits of that work.

Neuronal Landscapes
Varvara & Mar
November 26th - November 30th
How would you see through the eyes of an artificial intelligence? Probably in the future we won’t need our eyes to perceive the world any longer, the machine will do it instead of us. ‘Neural Landscapes’ takes the viewer to a natural and urban landscapes of Estonia which seems like a fairy tale or an illusion in a way machines dream about it.
Anne Elisabeth Eckeberg
October 1st - December 31st
The project “Maintenance” investigates how certain images and objects shape and construct our idea of reality, authenticity and space, by examining souvenirs, toys, architectural floor plans, impulse responses, foley sound and programming languages. It consists of different animated scenes, populated by animated 3D-scans of souvenirs and cleaning supplies.
Who is speaking / Make Sound Residency
Yann Coppier
November 5th - December 7th
Yann Coppier aims to create a topology of sounds linked to dramaturgy and based on observation and imagination through practice-based investigation. Making extensive use of the ‘absurd’ as a way of pinpointing the new potential of sounds, it will help to develop innovation through meaning as a replacement for innovation through technology only.
Inkonst Music Residency with Kate NV & Sasha Kulak
An International Residency for Contemporary Music, Sound Art & Experimental Club Culture
November 25th - December 2nd
Inkonst and IAC have invited Kate NV & Sasha Kulak to join the international residency for contemporary music, sound art and experimental club culture. The residency aims to create opportunities for professional artists and groups to work and develop in a high-quality, active and exciting cross-artistic environment with a clear link between research and artistic work.
To Home – Nordic Affect in concert
28 November 2018

Award winning ensemble Nordic Affect offers a Christmas programming set to provide a fresh look on what Christmas and its music can be in the 21st century. Nordic Affect invites the audience into their musical home, where they meet instruments, whose sounds create intimacy and nearness. And just as every voice should be heard in the household, all the performers will contribute to the program through their own choice of baroque consort music and holiday tunes from his/her homeland into the programming.

a sounding sceno/choreo-graphy
September 4th - December 22nd
“Sound Matter/Waterways” is a live performed sound piece, exploring the physical and visual aspects of sound through the matter of water. Sanna Blennow and Rebecka Holmström are a choreographer/dancer and an artist/stage designer, working with sound as the connective tissue between them. Through the sounding matter of water, the artists are searching for possible narratives, trajectories, patterns, asking themselves about the relationship between body and sound.
Open Call: Approved projects in September 2018
Corpus & Punishment
John Hanse, Henrik Bromander, Sofia Findahl, Jonas Åkesson, Jasser Hetait, Sofia Snahr
November 5th - November 20th
Is there any learning in oppression? The performance Corpus & Punishment examines the mechanics of state violence. It is a pedagogical arrangement where the performers alongside with the audience reenact a chain of possible situations. These situations create a dystopian and yet fully possible idea of a future where a democratic elected party uses the state apparatus to pursue and neutralize its dissidents. The audience will examine the position of the dissidents by reenacting interrogations, isolation and the discursive power to change what is right or wrong.
Returning the Ear
Tim Shaw & Jacek Smolicki
November 26th - December 2nd
‘Returning the Ear’ is an on-going collaboration between Tim Shaw and Jacek Smolicki. It is a particular method for attending to, archiving and mediating space through an array of sonic interventions and on-site experiments. If traditionally the experience and documentation of place has been performed through visual or textual means, the approach of the artists attempts to bring attention to practices of listening and audio-recording. 'Returning the Ear' is about questioning and testing diverse natures of listening and recording through performative walks within public space, in both urban and rural environments.
WE (working title)
November 26th - December 2nd
The visual artist duo J&K has been invited by IAC and Inkonst to develop their first piece for stage. The work is positioned on the threshold between fine and performing arts and will both be a performative installation and a visual play. J&K will experiment with combining and juxtaposing fragments, ritual elements and immersive participation as well as staged abstract material installations into a durational multimedia piece.