Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, established by Lund University.
What does it mean to be present?
Immersive site-specific performance
February 1st - March 31st
The projects objective is to research the potential of site-specific immersive performance practice especially in regards to downscaling the aspect of production and interventions. The project deals with different qualities of presence and awareness transcending the content, methods and form. The work aspires to heighten the quality of awareness of the performance guests through minimal means
Of mist and clouds
Rune Søchting
March 1st - April 11th
Of mist and clouds is a work for transmitted voices developed during a residency at the Inter Arts Center. With the voice as its key object and the thematic figure of the rumor at its centre, the project Of mist and clouds explores the relation between voice and space. The work will be presented as a sound installation during the Transistor festival at the IAC.
Total Leatherette
Inkonst Residency / Intonal
March 25th - March 31st
Total Leatherette is a Psych-Vogue project which informs experimental compositions through the experience of the post-industrial cosmopol, anxiety-stricken cause and effect of sensitive being - serving as a fever dream to those most likely to fail but encouraging to bask in that righteous climax.
Amfi #1-4 (working title)
Saga Gärde
January 1st - June 30th
The project AMFI # 1-4 (working title), deals with the question of how one with sound design and video can create a dramatic situation in a lyrical text performed on stage. The project aims to investigate the staged reading as a theatric form in order to create a new scene for contemporary drama – with monthly premieres where texts are read and dramatized through video and sound design during a two years period as a start. The intention is to draw attention to and emphasize the dramatic potential of new texts.
24 March 2019

Step into the Irrational Rhythms AV dungeon, pick up a copy of the new ‘Politics of Rhythm magazine’ – which includes a CD/ DVD & a ‘do try this at home’ irrational rhythms workbook and enjoy some light refreshments and hang out in the café/bar area at IAC…

Hertzbreakerz welcomes you to the second edition of the festival of new music
April 6th - May 4th
SOUND SPACES was born with the aim to provide the city of Malmö with new music, opening up the perspective towards the most cutting-edge international sound-based practice. SOUND SPACES is a window open to the present world of music creation, with international composers and performers the program includes selected pieces, both instrumental and acousmatic.
INTONAL – Experimental music festival
A blazing inferno of experimental music, art and dancing over five days
April 24th - April 28th
Intonal is an annual festival for experimental and electronic music that has been held in Malmö, Sweden since 2015. The focus of the festival is to offer an international programme of experimental and electronic music covering a wide range of genres, subgenres and unique expressions.
Constructed Weather (part2)
Jonna Hägg
November 4th - October 31st
The project revolves around the weather, the force of nature and its soundscapes. The sound tracks will be based on field recordings made in different locations, mostly from Iceland and Gotland. In these sounds the power of nature is in a kind of imbalance: the sounds are threatening, vibrating, alarming and capturing at the same time nature’s great reserves of power.
Make Sound Residency: deadline 1 April 2019
Over 120 artists & researchers in 2018
Olof Runsten
April 1st - April 5th
In the first half of January, the IAC hosted ‘Jaktlaget’, a participatory performance about the status of hunting in contemporary society. At the beginning of April ‘Jaktlaget’ will enter the second round at IAC, ending up with a premiere at Inkonst on the 12 and 13 April 2019. ‘Jaktlaget’ is a participatory performance. It will be both violent and cute, a healthy day in the woods and a cringy nightmare.
Blue Planet Sounds
Malthe Møhr Johnsen
April 19th - April 21st
The four pieces all consist of material taken from a screen recording of the episode Coral Reefs from the largely successful show Blue Planet II. Each of the four sound pieces are experienced through specific visuals. The visuals are an outcome of a layering of all the original videoclips where each categorized sound was presented. The video segments vary in length, so that the visual outcome is a constantly changing performance of floating, gliding, dancing and charging animal movements.
IASPIS residency
Ivo Vidal, Claudia Del Fierro
January 11th - March 31st
The IASPIS residents in spring 2019 in Malmö are Claudia Del Fierro and Ivo Vidal. The two artists will participate in the exhibition Remembering What Is: Chile’s Recent History in Film and Art which opens on January 25 at Lunds konsthall. During their residency project, they will develop their individual as well as collective work in relation to the ongoing exhibition as well as to their previous research.
WE (working title)
A durational performative installation and visual play
November 26th - December 31st
The visual artist duo J&K has been invited by IAC and Inkonst to develop their first piece for stage. The work is positioned on the threshold between fine and performing arts and will both be a performative installation and a visual play. J&K will experiment with combining and juxtaposing fragments, ritual elements and immersive participation as well as staged abstract material installations into a durational multimedia piece.