Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, established by Lund University.
Open rehearsal
28 January 2017

A major new collaboration set to take alternative Arabic music by a storm. In 2013 Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh came together sharing an all-consuming preoccupation with Egyptian music in all its forms, alongside a common appreciation for Mido Zoheir’s beautifully penned dystopian poems. The culmination is an album, out in Spring 2017, composed in Alexandria and in Amman and recorded between Cairo and Beirut.

Acousmatic Lab
A month-long event with concerts, seminars, workshops and work in progress on the art of sound diffusion
January 2nd - January 31st
Acousmatic Lab is a month-long event with concerts, seminars, workshops and development work on the art of sound diffusion. It will all take place in the White Room at IAC where an Acousmonium – a loudspeaker orchestra of 40 speakers – will be set up.
2 concerts. Acousmatic Lab
14 January 2017

Ann Rosén and Sten-Olof Hellström will perform two of their own compositions in this concert. Both are wellknown for their innovative approach to designing and playing electronic instruments.

”Bredvid A” – by Ann Rosén is about parallel processes that might affect each other without being linked. Like young children playing next to each other, rather than with each other. They have a lot in common and can even borrow stuff from each other but they’re still in their own worlds! Performed by Ann Rosén playing the specially designed kneecuff instrument, with live sound diffusion by Sten-Olof Hellström.

“Altered states” – by Sten-Olof Hellström. A composition inspired by Ken Russels film with the same name and is about event horizons, turning points and moments when anything can happen. Impossible sounds, uncontrollable currents and sinister undertones are woven into a twisting sound-weave that is counterpointed by near subsonic glitches and subliminal chaos.

RA, or re: the Whole
artistic project
November 1st - December 31st
“RA, or re: the whole” is a project centred around the confrontation of the self and the Other, by introducing the object as interchangeable of either elements and as the border between the two. The object is given a narrative that playfully oscillates between historical and fictional representations while constructing a physical concept of humanisation.
Bernard Parmegiani – La Création Du Monde. Acousmatic Lab concert
22 January 2017

La Creation Du Monde is a large-scale piece, by the french composer Bernard Parmegiani. An epic work composed between 1982–84, which tells the story of the creation of the world. Drawing its inspiration from astrophysical phenomena as described in the works of Carl Sagan and Hubert Reeves, this visionary work is divided into three sections, ”Black Light”, “Metamorphosis Of The Void” and “Sign Of Life”. It takes as its starting point the time before the Big Bang, and moves on to the first glimmerings of light and the earliest manifestations of life on earth, conjuring images of fiery comets, distant stars and mysterious galactic phenomena.

Sound diffusion by Alessandro Perini, Fabio Monni and tba

Negativland: A Big 10-8 Place. Acousmatic Lab concert.
4 January 2017

The inofficial opening of the month-long event, Acousmatic Lab at Inter Arts Center, will be an acousmatic experience of Negativlands album ”A Big 10-8 Place”. A journey across the topographical contours of Contra Costa County, in the San Frqancisvo Bay Area, in a unique blend of musique concrète, sound collage, songs and spoken word, this work offers an abundance of rich sonic material, perfect for being spatialized in the acousmonium.

Released in 1983 ”A Big 10-8 Place” is the 3rd album of Negativland, an American experimental music band which originated from Concord, in the San Francisco Bay Area, in 1979. With it’s unique blend of musique concrète, sound collage, songs and spoken word, this work offers an abundance of rich sonic material, perfect for being spatialized in the acousmonium.

The Nymphs are Departed
(A Material Molt)
December 15th - December 18th
The Nymphs are Departed (A Material Molt) is a performative installation, made in-situ, concerning the fine line between creation and destruction, a body in crisis and a need for a precarious reinvention of issues regarding body, nature and identity. A Nymph is a both a mythical free-spirited female figure who animates nature, often the watery element, as well as a concept in biology describing a pre-molting stage, when some creatures, in particular insects and reptiles, are shedding skin or exoskeletons in order to grow.
Make Sound - a residency for new sound based art
Radiophonic Art for Acousmonium. Lise-Lotte Norelius, diffusion concert
28 January 2017

Radiophonic Art for Acousmonium is a presentation of three new radio plays: Göte från andra sidan by Carina Ehrenholm, natt sekvenser by Liv K. Vesterskov and Anton Jansson, and Karlskrona-Malmö by Kent Olofsson and Jörgen Dahlqvist

Lise-Lotte Norelius will present a new work composed specifically for the acousmonium at Inter Arts Center. The work is inspired by the title “Shoal, spangle and cones” and the different meanings of these words in Swedish

Sound Diffusion Workshop
9 January - 30 January 2017

Two days with a workshop about acousmatic music and sounddiffusion with the acousmonium. 9 and 30 January, both days from 10 – 16. The instructors are Jakob Riis, Kent Olofsson, Alessandro Perini and Fabio Monni.

The workshops are free and open for interested sound artists, composers and musicians. Send an email to if you are interested to participate in the workshop.

Voci vicine – seminar at IAC and concert at Palladium
3 March - 2 March 2017

Passion in 4 parts for journalist, video, chamber ensemble and electronics.
Concept and music by Fabio Cifariello Ciardi
Ensemble KammarensembleN
Journalist: Kajsa-Ekis Ekman

Seminar with composer Fabio Cifariello Ciardi at IAC, Friday 3 February 10:00

Concert at Palladium, Thursday 2 February 20:00



Ups and Downs – Violin bowing as Gesture
7 December - 6 December 2016

75% Seminar
PhD candidate, Peter Spissky presents his artistic research project “Ups and Downs-Violin as Gesture”. This includes a seminar in the Red Room at IAC, Wednesday 7 December, 9.30- 12.30 and a concert at Palladium, Tuesday 6 December at 19.00.
Opponent is Elaine King.