Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, established by Lund University.
Critical Dialogs
A Contemporary Art Podcast
June 15th - December 31st
‘Critical Dialogs’ is a contemporary art podcast that will investigate the latent potential of the podcast format to support critical dialogue and innovative forms of art criticism. ‘Critical Dialogs’ will explore emergent approaches to and forms for art criticism that are enabled by today’s media landscape and changing public sphere. Pilot episodes will take the form of conversations among professional art critics on topical issues such as decolonizing/queering art criticism, and the ethics of critique.
Drawing Music
Ann Rosén & The Barrier Orchestra
November 4th - December 8th
In ‘Drawing Music’ the goal is to develop a work that breaks free from standard concert formats and timeframes. The idea is to explore different aspects of time and spatiality, allow the music, musicians and score to occupy space and freely move around in all dimensions. To give music spatial shape and give sound physical qualities such as size, weight, texture, surface and color.
Brewer & Blennow
and 365 days
November 11th - November 15th
Working in the field of performance and contemporary dance, Sanna Blennow & Elise Brewer incorporate sound in their movement practice as a way to think around and create dance and performance from another angle. By developing and executing exercises where they drain our vocabulary of words, investigating the connection between gestures and spoken word, they are scattering, shifting and peeling off what makes sense in a speaking and communicative body. This creates a playground where fantasy is invited, and also where new ideas can expand and unfold.
11 December 2019

A work-in-progress presentation of the project ‘Tvilling’, with Freja Andersson, Bianca Maria Barmen, Britta Olsson and Erik Peters. ‘Tvilling’ is based on a text by Bianca Maria Barmen, circling around her own experiences of close friends and relatives having lost their twin sibling in violent and unexpected ways. The project is conceived as an interdisciplinary performance involving sound, movement, text, sculpture and video projections, exploring the concept of ”sketch”.

Inter Feral Arts II: Soundspace
Pavlos Antoniadis, Ann Rosén, Sten-Olof Hellström, Zoe Efstathiou, Eva Sidén, Christian Rønn
December 16th - December 17th
Inter Feral Arts is a Platform for Artistic & Experimental Research in Music. After the premiere in October with the topic 'Voice', the second platform is dedicated to 'Soundspace'. As with Interference #1-8, Inter Feral Arts is open to all and invites a wider audience to take part when artists share works in progress, installations, performances, and engage in critical discussion. The atmosphere will be one of sharing and joint exploration.
Automatic Prophecies
Nils Ekman
November 20th - March 31st
The project will explore computer simulation, both as an artistic medium with the ability to generate complex forms and as a technology able to envision processes of becoming, revealing the creative potential of matter and energy. As simulation is used in scientific modeling to predict the development of real-world emergent phenomena and in engineering for design optimization, the project will look at how simulation is used both as a prophetic medium and as a sculptural tool.
Open Call projects selected in November!
Make Sound Residencies selected in October!
Speculative Materialism
Lou Mouw
November 30th - January 31st
Västra Hamnen could be seen as a perfect mirror of recent economical and societal developments. By its shift from an industrial area with the Kockums Kranen as the symbol of the city’s blue collars roots, to the most exclusive neighbourhood of the city, and with it the Turning Torso skyscraper as the new symbol of this change of identity and economy of the city. Hereby the main question is what the shift of these two landmarks tells about the urban, socio-political and economical shift in a post-welfare state environment...
Elisabete Finger, Manuela Eichner
IASPIS residency
December 1st - February 28th
Elisabete Finger (choreographer) and Manuela Eichner (visual artist) work together since 2015 mixing techniques and principles from choreography and collage. Their research evokes a certain “political ecology of things and people”, proposing other logics and organizations for this ensemble. Their artworks problematize the certainties and contradictions of what is generally taken as organic and artificial, natural and cultural.
An Image of What You See
Lena Bergendahl
December 1st - March 31st
‘An Image of What You See’, is an ongoing video project that reflects upon seeing, creating and mediating images through the perspectives of technology, economy, politics and geography. These questions are visualised through an interview with a director, talking about a film in the making. The project is an attempt to visualise the structure of technological mediation, where layer upon layer of information interact with each other.