While matter is figured
24 February - 25 February 2017

‘While matter is figured’ is a site-specific installation created by Jenny Käll, Malena Norlin and Maria Westmar and is a part of an ongoing collaboration between the three artist. For five days they will work together in the the space of Inter Art Center, in a /limit/ state where the formulated and non-formulated is performed and explored with both failure and success as possible results. It is a physical investigation of the chosen materials – their different phases and the transitions between them – that will take shape, be interpreted and understood through (their) bodily knowledge. Norlin, Käll och Westmar work together with something which can also be understood as a material exploration of language itself as well as they perform a linguistic dialogue in relation to the materials, the sculptures and the installation.

Jerman and Barnes
13 February 2017

The duo Jerman and Barnes offers a powerful, minimalist music, anchored in their common dedication to the creative acts through listening. Jerman is a veteran in the creative music scene in Denver and Seattle. In recent years he has thoroughly researched the potential sound sources in the desert Southwest, where he lives and works. Barne’s resume as a percussionist, sound engineer and curator is packed with stellar collaborations include Tony Conrad, Sonic Youth, Ken Vandermark, Royal Trux, and Tower Recordings.


Sound Disturbance – Hearing the visual. Nordic festival for sonic art.
10 February - 11 February 2017

Sound Disturbance – Hearing the visual, is a Sonic Art Festival in Malmö. The Festival consists of concerts and performances by Sound Artists and Musicians from the Nordic countries, and a seminar and a networking meeting which reflects and comments Sound Art.

Sound Disturbance – Hearing the visuals is an initiative by the Association C-Y (ContemporarY) in Malmö, Artists’ Association Muu in Helsinki and the North Norwegian Art Centre (NNKS) in Svolvær, in collaboration with Inter Arts Center and C’est bon kultur in Malmö. The event is curated by Stefan Klaverdal.