Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, established by Lund University.
Intonal at IAC
Oswaldo Maciá, Tony Cokes & Acousmatic concerts
April 24th - April 28th
The Intonal Festival at IAC presents a series of Acousmatic concerts in the Red Room, followed by a seminar. All days you can experience sound and video installations by Oswaldo Maciá and Tony Cokes. Intonal is an annual festival for experimental and electronic music that has been held in Malmö since 2015. The international program is covering a wide range of genres, subgenres and unique expressions. See the entire program and information about tickets here.
Odd matter
IASPIS residency
May 1st - June 30th
ODD MATTER is a design studio driven by curiosity for all the strange and wonderful. Researching, creating and exploring our world’s past, present and future through its materials, processes and concepts. The studio believes that by working with existing processes and notions, researching these from a different, more naive perspective can create a different kind of product. Unique and specific to the place they originate from.
Tree Time
A participatory work as part of an ongoing research project
June 5th - June 16th
Have you ever hung out with a tree? This participatory, live work invites you to be in company with a tree; exploring interspecies collaboration, sensitivity and sociality. 'Tree Time' is centred around the sharing of an interspecies practice that has long been a part of Caitlin’s everyday life. It requires thinking beyond the human perspective and stepping beyond one’s own socio-cultural frameworks to interrogate new, personal relations with our vegetal friends. Actively researching and renegotiating socio-ecological relationships/paradigms.