Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, established by Lund University.
EW-4 / LU FTSTR OM / concert
7 December 2018

How do we imagine the music of the future? Which sounds will fascinate the audience in a couple of years? The four performers of EW-4 (Electronic Wind Quartet) venture a glimpse into the future: with their wind controllers they trigger different sound and light sources and create a kind of an audiovisual electronic chamber music. Together with composers and electronic music specialists the four performers are exploring new sounds and possibilities for wind controller.

Dark Emotions
Zwoisy Mears-Clarke
December 3rd - January 8th
Within the frame of ‘Dark Emotions’, Zwoisy will be finding a graspable translation of the emotions shame, anger, disgust, and love, while looking at them as the residue of the emotional labor related to (doing, ignoring, or experiencing) discriminatory events. The works of writers whose roots hail from black feminist theory will be a way to define and contextualize these emotions as possibilities for community and empowerment.
Audio Paper Symposium
Performative formats and sonic argumentation
December 10th - December 11th
Following on from a series of laboratories at the Inter Arts Center, the Malmö Academy of Music and the section of Musicology, Lund University organize a symposium on the publication format of Audio Papers. In addition to a large number of new audio papers, the symposium presents two keynote speakers who represent adjacent and parallel developments in film studies and sound art, Miklós Kiss and Svetlana Maraš.
Corpus & Punishment
John Hanse, Henrik Bromander, Sofia Findahl, Jonas Åkesson, Jasser Hetait, Sofia Snahr
November 5th - December 20th
Is there any learning in oppression? The performance Corpus & Punishment examines the mechanics of state violence. It is a pedagogical arrangement where the performers alongside with the audience reenact a chain of possible situations. These situations create a dystopian and yet fully possible idea of a future where a democratic elected party uses the state apparatus to pursue and neutralize its dissidents.
Seminar about Sound Based Residencies
12 December 2018

Curious about music and sound art residencies in the Nordic region? Come and join us on December 12th and learn more about five different residencies and their facilities and offers for you as an artist. You’ll meet representatives from NOTAM in Oslo, EMS (Elektronmusikstudion) in Stockholm, VICC (Visby International Centre for Composers) at Gotland, Inkonst in Malmö and Make Sound at IAC. Each residency presents their history, profile and facilities, and we end the seminar with mingling and glögg.

FrimSyd presents: Microtub
16 December 2018

Equipped with three microtonal tubes, Microtub explores the possibilities of the instrument from a microtonal perspective. Color-coded sculpture scores are used to define places in the harmonic space represented by geometric structures that are explored by the musicians over time.

Who is speaking / Make Sound Residency
Yann Coppier
November 5th - December 7th
Yann Coppier aims to create a topology of sounds linked to dramaturgy and based on observation and imagination through practice-based investigation. Making extensive use of the ‘absurd’ as a way of pinpointing the new potential of sounds, it will help to develop innovation through meaning as a replacement for innovation through technology only.
Johanna Wagner
November 26th - December 14th
‘Barntimmen’ is an interactive VR project where the viewer gets to feel what it’s like to be in the shoes of a 6-year old on its first day in kindergarten. Through smells, taste and touch sensations throughout the piece, the experience for the viewer will be on a tactile level, where all five senses get activated.
Open Call: Approved projects in September 2018
Rosenberg Prize for Kent Olofsson – IAC staff
Constructed Weather (part2)
Jonna Hägg
November 4th - October 31st
The project revolves around the weather, the force of nature and the soundscapes. The sound tracks will be based on field recordings made in different locations, mostly from Iceland and Gotland. In these sounds the power of nature is in a kind of imbalance: the sounds are threatening, vibrating, and alarming; at the same time, they capture nature’s great reserves of power.
Anne Elisabeth Eckeberg
October 1st - December 31st
The project “Maintenance” investigates how certain images and objects shape and construct our idea of reality, authenticity and space, by examining souvenirs, toys, architectural floor plans, impulse responses, foley sound and programming languages. It consists of different animated scenes, populated by animated 3D-scans of souvenirs and cleaning supplies.
a sounding sceno/choreo-graphy
September 4th - December 22nd
“Sound Matter/Waterways” is a live performed sound piece, exploring the physical and visual aspects of sound through the matter of water. Sanna Blennow and Rebecka Holmström are a choreographer/dancer and an artist/stage designer, working with sound as the connective tissue between them. Through the sounding matter of water, the artists are searching for possible narratives, trajectories, patterns, asking themselves about the relationship between body and sound.
WE (working title)
November 26th - December 31st
The visual artist duo J&K has been invited by IAC and Inkonst to develop their first piece for stage. The work is positioned on the threshold between fine and performing arts and will both be a performative installation and a visual play. J&K will experiment with combining and juxtaposing fragments, ritual elements and immersive participation as well as staged abstract material installations into a durational multimedia piece.