All artists in long-term projects as well as all researchers and PhD at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts are automatically users and are therefore closely connected to IAC.

As a user you are free to come and work and have meetings at IAC anytime, in the café area and our open workspace, as well as short term booking of our sound studio b and video studio, without submitting a project application. For longer working periods in the studios or in other spaces, a project application is needed.

The aim of IAC is that it should be more than a place where you work. It is a meeting place for artists, arts workers and researchers – a interdisciplinary artistic environment.

Being a user at IAC and using our facilities is free.
Please contact us with any questions about users at

Registered users can book a studio through the following form.

Here you’ll find all about project application.

Read more about the long-term projects at IAC.