Absurdum Temporary Art: Retrieval

Absurdum Temporary Art: Retrieval

Ongoing project

“I climb up the ladder and crawl into the corner, there I start to rummaging through a box, but just as I am about to pick up what I find in there, I wake up” 

We want to develop a method to create meditation performances, a guided meditation where the participants are co-creators of the performance by using their own inner pictures and their own memories and fantasies. 

A series of tests will be conducted where one or more participants are guided by Absurdum through a performance where the participants form the set design, details and their own goal of the performance while keeping their eyes closed, listen and fantasize. 

In 2019 Absurdum showed ‘A Lecture On How I Learned To Time Travel’ and a part of the performance was letting the audience do their own time travel through meditation. This project is a continued investigation of the role and effect of meditation in performance. 

We want to find out how much information we can give to keep the participants in the experience but at the same time give them space to co-create the experience. 

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