an international vocal performance research symposium
28 January 2019 - 30 January 2019

The aim of this artistic research symposium is to allow for VOICE to act as a guide into the UNKNOWN. Through an entangled mish-mash of intra-active events (performances, installations, workshop and seminars) participants will be invited to explore the potential power of VOICE and its impact on the UNKNOWN or ‘that-which-is-yet-to-be-known’. Questions driving the event include: how can we understand VOICE in contemporary every day performances, based on both sensuous and intellectual knowledge? What specific vocal features will emerge if we allow VOICE to be the guide into the UNKNOWN aspects of life and living? The symposium will be staged as the first one out of three, allowing for the project to eventually grow into an international platform for Vocal Performance Philosophy based at IAC. This first event is a seed highlighting the significance of the theme; the second event will be presented as an intra-active performance-workshop; the final event will be curated as an international symposium.

Locations at IAC: Red Room, Black Room, Café/Research Platform.

Lessons in the Shadows of death will take place in St. Petrie Church.


See the full schedule of the vocal performance research symposium!


ELISABETH L. BELGRANO, voice artist & PhD in Performance / Nordic Network for Vocal Performance Research / president, National network for Artistic Research in Music / Inter arts Center, Malmö, Lund University / Öckerö, Sweden.

FELICIA KONRAD, voice artist, Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Lund University / Sweden.

LISA NYBERG, visual artist, teacher & organizer, PhD in Practice candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria / Malmö, Sweden.

MISHA PENTON, voice artist, composer, director & PhD candidate in music, Bath Spa University, UK / Houston TX, USA.

JULIEANNA PRESTON, Professor of Spatial Practice at Toi Rauwharangi/ College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington, Aotearoa/ New Zealand.

BJÖRN ROSS, visual artist, Nordic Network for Early Opera / Copenhagen, Denmark.

ELISABETH HOLMERTZ, singer, PhD candidate in Artistic Research, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway’.

Elisabeth L. Belgrano, Felicia Konrad, Lisa Nyberg, Misha Penton, Julieanna Preston, Björn Ross, Elisabeth Holmertz