the end of the world as we know it
4 March 2019 - 14 March 2019

TEOTWAWKI is a video and a performance dealing with notions of apocalypse and survival strategies, a restless meditation where what comes across as alarmistic might in fact be the most probable.

In TEOTWAWKI the apocalypse operates on two levels: one centers the frailty and aging of the body, the other concerns climate crisis and its incalculable consequences. From the point of these overlapping insecurities two contemporary survival strategies are explored: rituals belonging to the broad notion of selfcare and concrete crisis preparations drawing from preppers. These two seemingly disparate strategies are united in their aim to maintain a subject in its affective and material struggles against fear for, and actual death. They function as thematic and aesthetic sources of the piece, permeating the text, objects, scores and dramaturgy. TEOTWAWKI turns away from the kind of hope that relies on individual improvement, addresses the fundamental fucked up-ness of this situation and composes an unpredictable shelter of preparation, storms and suspense.

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Johanna Malm