Probing Mundania
Robert Willim
21 September 2022 - 31 December 2022

Robert Willim works as an artist and a researcher, often combining the activities. He creates works that explore imaginaries, media-related practices, and human experiences of technology. He uses research to spur artistic concepts and artworks to feed back into research practices. This is a kind of artistic research process he calls probing.

He works in several media, often using electronic and digital tools, and often experiment with different formats and expectations. He juxtaposes electronic music and sound with research-based spoken word in something called Device Lectures. Part discourse, part distortion. He also makes video art and experimental film. In sculptures and paintings, he explores concepts and materiality by juxtaposing and mixing different things and materials.

During the last time he has directed his work towards the concept Mundania. It is a way to imagine human life with incomprehensible technologies. How planetary issues boil down to the most minute details of everyday life. Clusters of satellites circulating overhead combined with taken-for-granted interfaces and gestures. Electromagnetic immersion and repetitive swipes on touchscreens. Currently he writes a book about Mundania and presents on everyday life with complex technologies. He also explores Mundania in Device Lectures as well as other artistic expressions.

He has a position as lecturer and Associate Professor at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences at Lund University. At IAC he develops his probing practices related to Mundania.

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Robert Willim