Returning the Ear
Tim Shaw & Jacek Smolicki
26 November 2018 - 2 December 2018

During a 7-day residency at IAC, Tim Shaw and Jacek Smolicki intend to explore sites of sonic interest in and around Malmö and work on a new site-responsive performance piece. The collected material will be archived and creatively presented at IAC through a performative installation. This performance will offer some kind of re-imagining of Malmö as a sensor-landscape, emphasizing its ever-changing characteristic, a layering of its continuously transforming material and cultural dimensions. Alongside this the artists plan to consolidate and reflect on their previous work and make some recorded compositions drawing on their personal sound archives and previous collaborative work.

Through this collaboration Shaw and Smolicki will further develop their established practices whilst opening up new possibilities for future work, such as the sound-walking festival. This residency also gives them the opportunity to work on some studio based sound projects which will help them promote and disseminate ‘Returning the Ear’ for future opportunities.

As artists Shaw and Smolicki are interested in making and presenting work in a diverse range of environments. Recently they have been interested in the idea of the natural world as a source of uncertainty, in how field recordings can communicate the complexity of our aural environments and how listening technologies change the way we hear our surroundings.

Photo credits: Tim Shaw (1), Tim Schnetgoeke (2)

Information on the collaboration:

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Tim Shaw, Jacek Smolicki