Exploring MaxMSP
Region Skåne & IAC
16 November 2022 - 18 November 2022

Max is a visual programming software environment for creating interactive sound, graphics, video and computer works. As the demand for artists and creators to become more technically able increases, and the possibilities of stage and music technology grows, there is an increasing interest in learning tools like Max that can empower stage, music and dance creatives with the skills to play with and powerfully utilise technology in their own creations. Max is not a tool that does one specific thing, rather it is a tool that facilitates artists to understand technology in ways more related to their own way of thinking and to broaden their competencies in the process.

On November 16-18, IAC in collaboration with Region Skåne will host public lectures open for anyone curious to see what Max can offer for creators wanting to explore software-based interactions and connections.

The lectures offer both an introduction to various ways of working with Max as well as an opportunity to meet Max users from different areas. On Friday evening we conclude and celebrate with a concert by Collettivo_21!


16 November, 10:00-11:30, Red Room
Open Lecture #1 – Max in Performing Arts, with Viktor Dahl Register for the open lecture #1 here.


17 November, 10:00-11:30, Red Room
Open Lecture #2 – Max and Music, with Luca Guidarini Register for the open lecture #2 here.


18 November, 10:00-11:30, Red Room
Open Lecture #3 – Max Interactions, a panel talk with Freja Andersson, Alessandro Perini and Tim Bishop Register for the open lecture #3 here.

A panel discussion about ways of integrating Max with other software and hardware. The discussion will revolve around Alessandro, Freja and Tim’s use of Max to create custom interactions with lighting systems, sensors, motors, tracking systems, and more.

Read more about Freja Anderssson here.

Read more about Alessandro here.

Read more about Tim here.

18 November, 19:00, Red Room
Concert with Collettivo_21, presented in collaboration with Sound Spaces


F__eP__oE__s is a project that aims to promote a contemporary production that contemplates an extended vision of the timbre and instrumental possibilities of the flute and piano duo, with the implementation of electronics. This project is based on the concept of electronics not as an addition or ornament, but as an integral part of the proposed programme, which is therefore configured as a true trio, in which the three instruments interface as equals, generating through their combinations a change of perspective on the use of the instruments themselves.

An integral part of the programme is the presentation of two pieces written especially for the project by two young composers: Luca Guidarini and Arshia Samsaminia. Both the Italian and Iranian composers, despite their different approaches to compositional practice, create scores that challenge the traditional vision of the instrumental ensemble, expanding its timbral possibilities both through the extension of the technical-executive language – which directly affects the compositional one – and through the organological- instrumental expansion of the means employed.


The lectures, panel discussion and concert are open to everyone, but to participate, please register under the respective lecture by 14 November. The open lectures will also be available to follow online, with links published here and, in the Facebook-event by November 14th.

Any questions? Please contact info@iac.lu.se.

Visit Region Skåne’s webpage – utveckling.skane.se

Image/Screenshot: Max/MSP software programme with parts created by IRCAM, used for the performance work “Blackout” by Tim Bishop.

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