Malmö Gallery Weekend 2023
Open house at IAC
22 September 2023 - 24 September 2023

IAC is no ordinary showroom. In our daily work, we rarely meet an audience, but a house full of artists who develop, test, and produce innovative projects in the fields of art, music, theater, dance and VR. This year’s Malmö Gallery Weekend is a unique opportunity to see artists live at the IAC as we open the doors to a wider audience. You are invited to experience parts of ongoing artistic research projects and new art projects by Iury Salustiano Trojaborg (video work), C. Grace Chang (The Konst Detox Podcast), Axel Burendahl (video installation, sculpture), Yann Coppier & Runar Magnusson (sound installation), Helena Olsson (video work), Filip Vest (performance, video work), Hans Carlsson (video work), Patricia Morosan (IASPIS).

Opening hours: 22–24 September 2023, Fri, 18:00–22:00, Sat–Sun, 12:00–16:00

Locations: Black Room, Red Room, VR/Sound Lab, Café/Research Platform, Artist Studio, Seminar Room

Friday, 22 September, at 18:15: Performance by Filip Vest (in collaboration with Rasmus Balling), location: Red Room

Saturday, 23 September, at 14:00: Artist talk & fika. C. Grace Chang and Iury Salustiano Trojaborg talk about Iury’s latest artistic research, shifting artistic practices, and working with a decolonial lens in the context of the Global North, location: Café/Research Platform. Read more about the artist talk here.

Participating artists:

Iury Salustiano Trojaborg, Voinha’s Backyard (Quintal de Voinha), video work/PhD research, Research Platform – Read more about Iury’s PhD research here.

C. Grace Chang, Konst Detox Podcast, Café/Research Platform – PLEASE NOTE: Visitors should bring their own headphones to listen to the Konst Detox Podcast! Read more about the Konst Detox Podcast here.

Axel Burendahl, Squarehead, video installation/sculpture, VR/Sound Lab – Read more about Axel Burendahl’s work here.

Filip Vest, Self Tape, performance/film installation, Red Room – Read more about Filip Vest’s work here.

Yann Coppier & Runar Magnusson, Edition#4 – a soft fall, sound installation, Black Room – Read more about Yann’s and Runar’s work here.

Hans Carlsson, Death in Trondheim (Second Mix), video, Research Archive – Read more about Hans Carlsson’s work here.

Helena Olsson, Time Waste, video, Seminar Room – Read more about Helena Olsson’s work here.

Patricia Morosan, Iaspis residency, Telepoetics, Artist Studio – Read more about Patricia Morosan’s work here.

© Axel Burendahl, part of the installation “Squarehead”, 2023

Iury Salustiano Trojaborg, C. Grace Chang, Axel Burendahl, Yann Coppier, Runar Magnusson, Helena Olsson, Filip Vest, Hans Carlsson, Patricia Morosan