Festival for experimental and electronic music
16 June 2021 - 20 June 2021


2021. Has a year ever been more anticipated in contemporary culture? We know we’re not out of the fire yet, but there’s hope. At Inkonst, Malmö’s premiere cultural, multi-arts venue, we are ready.

Yes, for the first time in a long while we’re hopeful. This mid-summer – a change of seasons for us – we’re having ourselves a festival. For our 7th edition of Intonal – our annual exploration into music and beyond – we’re not yet sure what the limitations will be. But come mid-June, the possibilities vastly outweigh the concerns – we can’t sit this one out. For safety, it will be a reduced program with reduced capacity. We may be hopeful, but we’re not irresponsible.

Having said that, we have so much to show you. Brand new stuff, never seen or heard before, created by exciting artists especially for Intonal. And for people like us and you, music is life. And life finds a way. Communities gathering for rituals and shared experiences involving sounds, images, and rhythms is an ancient form of intimacy that can’t be replaced by DJ streams. Thankfully.

Perhaps Intonal 2021 won’t be as snug and sweaty as its predecessors. But it will be special, and it will be live.

INTONAL is an annual festival for experimental and electronic music that has been held in Malmö, Sweden since 2015. The focus of the festival is to offer an international programme of experimental and electronic music covering a wide range of genres, subgenres and unique expressions. Besides established artists within the electronic avant garde and acts bordering towards sound art, a hefty club oriented programme will also present DJs acting within an innovative new scene for dance music. Parallel to this there is also a number of installation exhibitions and artist talks. Out of tradition, a handful of events on the programme will be open to the public and free of entrance.

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