Future Legends
Residency at IAC
2 February 2015 - 31 March 2015

FUTURE LEGENDS is Musik i Syd’s new initiative dedicated to experimental music & contemporary performative art. In spring 2015 FUTURE LEGENDS will create three events dedicated to awesome contemporary experimental music & art from established, up & coming, and underground acts, both local and from all around the world.

Our ambition is to create a forum for local and international performative arts, to initiate cultural and artistic exchange, and to make these events an inspiring meeting for both artists & audience. The events will take place at Palladium in Malmö, Sweden.

The dates are February 14th, March 7th, and April 11th.

Future Legends Collaboration and Residency at Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic collaboration preceding the Future Legends events at Palladium. For FLCR we invite a minimum of two artist from different artistic practices to collaborate and create new work that will premier at the Future Legends event. The 10 day residency is initiated by digital correspondence where the artists get acquainted, get to know each others work, and the collaboration and creative process starts. For the first residency & collaboration we have invited Dia Dear & Zofia William Åsenlöf.


DIA DEAR started her artistic career only three years ago (her performance anniversary will be on Future Legends 14 February!) on underground club-scenes in San Francisco and have since performed over 100 pieces in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Berlin and Tokyo.

Dia Dear’s performances are brutal, beautiful and bold.


ZOFIA WILLIAM ÅSENLÖF has a background in free improvisation and extended experimental voice-techniques. She works with sound art, voice-improvisation, and live-electronics. She composes for live stage, film, and performing arts.

What urged us to bring Dia Dear and Zofia William Åsenlöf together for the FLRC is an admiration of both artists’ work. We consider Zofia William Åsenlöf to be one of Sweden’s most interesting and unique voices of our time. We are fascinated by her voice and artistic practice, the width of her musicality, and the implicit feminist and political urgency of her work.

Dia Dear’s performances are strong visual poetic mixture of beauty and ugly. On stage Dia Dear becomes a creature from far and strange lands; lush and colorful and bleak and horrific. As we have never seen Dia perform live we can only imagine the feelings and questions that are awakened in the mind of the viewer but one can sense that they are of utter urgence. There is no doubt when looking at Dia; each movement and each step is a carefully thought through narrating choreography.

There is an immediate sense of urgency and importance in both of Dia Dear’s and Zofia William Åsenlöf’s artistic practices – awkward and brutally indescribable – that pushes the boundaries of what is beauty, what is ugly, man, woman ….. They are not afraid of going into the unconventional and uncomfortable. With a great presence on stage the audience is immediately absorbed into the performance.

Dia Dear and Zofia William Åsenlöf’s work will premiere on FUTURE LEGENDS OPENING NIGHT on February 14.

The opening night also features installations and performances by:


Palladium: http://www.palladium.nu/event/future-legends/
Future Legend’s blog: http://futurelegendsmalmo.tumblr.com/

Arr: Musik i Syd in collaboration with Inter Arts Center, made possible with fundings by Musikverket and Nordisk Kulturfond.