fungal network / rhizomatic network (working title)
Jaleh Negari & Felia Gram-Hanssen
21 October 2019 - 24 November 2019

During their Make Sound Residency, Felia Gram-Hanssen and Jaleh Negari will research, develop and explore the process of translation and transformation from one medium to another. As a starting point they will take off from the phenomenon of fungal networks. A fungal network is a collaborative sharing network of information and goods between tree societies and huge fungal organisms. Inspired by this phenomenon they will examine the relationship between different aspects of interdisciplinary approaches, understandings and sharing in the arts. In what ways does material expand and subtract when read or expressed by a new medium? How do we experience a space, for example given in a field recording, when expressed visually instead of sonically? How does an image in one’s mind transform, when outlined by another sense – for example when a poem is read aloud by a body of movements or as a sculptural score?


Among Twenty Snowy Mountains 2018

Wood Body Inside Concrete 2019

DUO sketches and initial material



Jaleh Negari, Felia Gram-Hanssen