DUST – Pilot Episode: Encountering the Hyperobject
Six sonic explorations of human enmeshment in an expanded ecology
5 December 2017 - 10 December 2017

How can we humans of the Anthropocene learn to understand the interdependence of our and other life forms and bio-/geological systems across deep time and space?

Encountering the Hyperobject is a sound composition/radio podcast series that connects social science, artistic research, sound art, and ecologies through the geo-philosophical concept of hyperobjects; “things that are massively distributed in time and space relative to humans” (Morton, 2013) while both affecting and affected by the lives we live in the present. Hyperobjects can be anything from global warming, to nuclear materials or plastic bags.

The project takes up Morton’s call for humans to “upgrade [our] ontological tools” and tries to attune its audiences to vital hyperobjects via a sonic language that mixes narrative, field-recordings, ambience, dialogue, music and interviews. Each of the planned six episodes engages and researches a specific hyperobject across Nordic and Arctic landscapes and localities.


The first episode, DUST, is under development and a work-in-progress version will be presented at IAC as a live lecture-performance and immersive sound-installation. The performance will be followed by an open discussion, the whole event lasting circa 60 minutes.

Encountering the Hyperobject is a collaboration between social scientist and artistic researcher Christina Berg Johansen (DK) and sound artist and artistic researcher Eduardo Abrantes (PT/SE).

Saturday, 9 December 2017, at 7.30 pm, Black Room

Attendance is free but pre-booking is recommended due to limited seating: eduardoabrantes@gmail.com

Christina Berg Johansen, Eduardo Abrantes