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with Waileth & Bardon
4 January 2018 - 7 January 2018

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An hour of full concentration in movement, body-mind-connection, being in the present. When your body is moving, your mind can become still. When your mind is concentrated, your body can be free. Freedom of the body is freedom of the mind. Dance meditation is a perfect way to land in your own dance, and prepare body and mind for the following three days. Live music by multi instrumentalist Andrea Ek Frisk.

→Thursday 4/1 @ 6.30-8pm

Friday is all about foundational techniques and jam etiquette, things that are good to know as a beginner (or improver, or advanced dancer). Practical exercises are mixed with discussion. Are you a total beginner, we warmly recommend that you participate this day both because of its own fantasticness, and because it will help you get the most out of Saturday and Sunday. Even if you already have experience, and want to remind yourself of the foundations, you’re very welcome.

→Friday 5/1 @ 12.15-8.00pm

12.15-12.45 Drop-in, registration, and tea
13.00-16.00 Opering circle, warm-up, and technique training
16.00-17.30 Break for food and rest
17.30-20.00 Jam etiquette, and actual jam

Saturday is all about technique training on an open level. Total beginners are recommended to participate on Friday as well, to get the most out of Saturday. Practical exercises, which are adapted to each dancer’s experience and needs for challenges, are mixed with discussion. Focus is on the physical exploaration. This day ends with a long jam with live music by multi instrumentalist Andrea Ek Frisk, and a guest musician. It’s possible to participate in the jam only.

→Saturday 6/1 @ 9.30am-10.00pm

09.30-10.45 Drop-in, registration, individual warm-up, and jam
11.00-13.30 Common warm-up, and technique training
13.30-15.00 Break for food and rest
15.00-17.30 Technique training
17.30-19.00 Break for food and rest
19.00-22.00 Jam with live music

The whole Sunday is set aside for the Underscore. The Underscore is a structured jam that takes 3-4 hours. The form is developed by Nancy Stark Smith, one of the first contact dancers in history, with starting point in the phases she observed in common jams. The Underscore has more than 20 phases, of which each has got a name and a symbol that work as a map for the dancers. Within the frame each dancer is free to have their own dance, alone and together. An important difference from a normal jam is that all dancers must stay the whole time. It’s not possible to drop in or out during the jam.

→Sunday 7/1 @ 9.30am-3.00pm

09.30-10.00 Drop-in, registration, and tea
10.00-15.00 Underscore, including a run-through of the form, and a closing discussion

Waileth & Bardon sees the creative process as a river that they dive into. Everything they do is part of the same artistic process. In creating new material, they try to follow the currents of the river rather than building dams and locks to redirect the river according to their intentions. Every physical experience stays in the body, and will manifest in how a person moves. Waileth & Bardon welcome all those manifestations, and use improvisation as a tool for reflection. Since 2013, Waileth & Bardon have been aiming to facilitate safe spaces for dance, music, and discussion in their own studio in Malmö as well as internationally in universities, museums, festivals, and schools. Feminist theory and normativity criticism is the foundation for their strategies to create a safe space.

In all of Waileth & Bardon’s workshops all participants are invited to introduce themselves with name and pronoun (what you would like people to call you in third person, e.g. he, she, they, xe, or anything else). The purpose is to provide the possibility for everyone to define themselves, which is an important safety factor for many of our participants. If your pronoun is unimportant to you, we kindly ask you to state it anyway to make the introduction easier for those for whom it is an important issue. If this procedure seems strange or uncomfortable for you, we welcome conversations about but preferably outside of the workshop.

Friday: Please, bring lunch box or go out to buy food at any of the many restaurants and cafés in the neighbourhood.
Saturday lunch: Please, bring lunch box or go out to buy food at any of the many restaurants and cafés in the neighbourhood.
Saturday evening: There will be vegan food which is included in the workshop fee!
Söndag: There will be snacks which are included in the fee. Please, eat a proper breakfast before arriving!

It is not possible to sleep in the dance studio. Please state in your sign up form if you need help to find accommodation or if you can offer somebody a place to sleep (only if you live in Malmö).

To make it possible for as many as possible to participate, we use a scaled fee. The system is built on that most participants pay the normal price, and those who can afford it pay the big spender price. By paying a little extra you, who have got a stable income, make it possible for somebody with less financial resources to participate. Thank you for that!

In addition to the prices below we are looking for two volunteers. As a volunteer, it is important that you can be there the whole time, that you are familiar with the geography and infrastructure of Malmö, and that you’re not afraid of cleaning toilets. Most of the time you’ll be able to participate in the dancing. Of course, you participate for free. State in your sigo up form if you want to be a volunteer.

Below you find an advanced list of prices. Don’t worry! When you have signed up, we will calculate your total price, and include it in your confirmation e-mail.

ALL OF IT (three days + dance meditation)
Big spender: 1895 sek / €197
Normal price: 1595 sek / €166
Small wallet: 1095 sek / €114 (max 8 spots)

Normal price: 195 sek / €20

Normal price: 595 sek / €62

Normal price: 995 sek / €103

JAM ONLY (otherwise included in the price for Saturday)
Normal price: 95 sek / €10

Normal price: 395 sek / €41

Fill in the form:
Wait for confirmation
Pay your fee to bankgiro 136-8828 or ask for details for paying from abroad

Don’t pay until you have received the confirmation e-mail! Your spots is guaranteed when you have payed your fee.

Full fee back until 21st of December. Half fee back 22nd of December – 3rd of January. No fee back if you sign down later or don’t show up. It is possible to give your place to someone else. Please notify us if you do.

Please, write in the even or e-mail us a

Elin Waileth, Emelie Bardon