Emilie Gregersen
4 January 2021 - 17 January 2021

‘Caresses’ is a choreographic work by choreographer and dancer, Emilie Gregersen. The piece is a part of her performance series that studies perceptions of touch from a phenomenological and choreographic perspective.

In February 2020, she debuted with ‘Touch’ the first piece in the series, which is a solo that studies the perceptions of touch within a mutual influence between the physical and digital world, the organic and the technological. ‘Touch’ is now followed by its sibling piece, ‘Caresses’, developed in collaboration with sound artist, Karis Zidore, dancer, Paolo Gile De Venecia, visual artist, Elin Stampe and dramaturge and choreographic consultant, Naya Moll. The piece is co-produced by Dansehallerne and is premiering in Copenhagen in the fall of 2021 as a part of their program.

‘Caresses’ is a duet that delves into a sensuous relationship between two bodies navigating through touch as they unfold its influences both on a sensory and emotional level. The act of caressing is being amplified and stretched on scales of intimacy and distance, attraction and repulsion, casual gesture and heightened bodily experience.

In her choreographic practice, Emilie Gregersen, works in the intersection between practise-based choreography and hyper performance. She plays with multiple choreographic layers speaking to different senses and planes of consciousness; both the logic that wants to find concept and meaning, as well as the bodily and aesthetic experience that devotes itself into sensory navigation.

In ‘Caresses’ she works with a high scale of performativity, where everything from gaze to gesture is performed with a subtlety that aims to create a hypersensitivity in both performer and viewer.

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Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, William Demant Fonden, Koda Dramatik

Photo: Cruz Cruz

Karis Zidore, Paolo Gile De Venecia, Elin Stampe, Naya Moll