Bio Feedback Laboratory
Make Sound Residency
4 April 2023 - 25 April 2023

4–13 April: Artist Studio & 20–25 April: Black Room
Work in progress sharing: 25 April, at 15:00-17:00, location: Black Room 


In “Bio Feedback Laboratory”, the interdisciplinary duo LYD PORT explores an interaction with kombucha SCOBY. The duo will work on magnifying the visual and sonically properties of the SCOBY to create musical ideas and process the SCOBY into a leather fabric for the scenography. The scenography is, at the same time, a costume for the performers and a percussion instrument and resonator for vocals to be experienced in immersive sound from tactile transducers.

Bio Feedback investigates our relationship with microorganisms and explores how different properties of kombucha SCOBY translate into musical patterns and movements in the performance. What will happen if the kombucha SCOBY listens to different music? How will it affect the growth and other properties of the SCOBY? And how will it affect our mood and experience of the audience if surrounded by SCOBY leather?

In Bio Feedback, LYD PORT explores non-verbal communication as gesticulations and what happens when movements on a micro level are magnified. It explores our relationships with other organisms and our daily connection to the materials surrounding us. For many years, plastic has been the number one product. How did it affect us, and does it make a difference if materials in the future are grown? How does being surrounded by plastic versus kombucha SCOBY leather affect us? How does it affect our mood? What is our relationship to the yeast in the refrigerator, the sourdough, the kombucha SCOBY or the vinegar mother? How will it affect our lives, and what can we learn from yeast? What symbiotic relationships are we currently in, and what new relationships with microorganisms will the future bring?

Bio Feedback Laboratory is an auditive performance for percussion and voice in an immersive space. It is experienced in an immersive space where the audience experiences the concert acoustically and through tactile transducers.


LYD PORT is an interdisciplinary composer duo by Mai Ane Pil Siedentopp and Morten Schmidt. In their work they investigate sound, space, shapes and text. Working from a constant fascination with the theme of nature versus machine versus human, artificial versus organic, they seek tactility through installations, sculptures and performances. 

LYD PORT works with performances and sculptures, all from the perspective of sound and space. Their electro opera Macro Plastic premiered at the Funen Opera House in Denmark in 2020 and had a digital show at Det Frie Felts Festival in Denmark and a scene from the piece at Global Week at Oil Tank Culture Park in Seoul. In 2021 the duo composed the site-specific piece “3” for Nordic Music Days on Faroe Island. In 2022 they wrote the piece “Tilstand”, performed by two mezzo-sopranos and a choir of 60 students from a local public school. Both Mai and Morten have master’s in music in Electronic Music and Sound Art from The National Academy of Music in Denmark.

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Bio Feedback Laboratory, photo: LYD PORT

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Mai Ane Pil Siedentopp, Morten Schmidt