10-voice choral performance and experimental visual universe
3 December 2016 - 3 December 2016

Black Room

3 December 20.00


ARVTRYK is a collaboration between two nordic vocal ensembles IKI and Åkervinda, as well the design duo Katrine Hoffmann & Maria Sloth and stagedirector Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov.


The resulting 10-voice choral performance and experimental visual universe come together to embrace and explore the mystical, dark and sometimes dissonant vibrations that linger beneath the neat and polished nordic surface.



IKI is an improvising vocal ensemble consisting of 6 female vocalists from Denmark, Norway and Finland, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The ensemble works with a philosophy of being present and composing music on the spot. It is in an ongoing exploration of the human voice with its many facets and sounds. Musically IKI takes influences from different genres such as modern jazz, classical compositions, pop, folk and avant-garde.


Iris, Lise, Linda and Agnes, the four singers of Åkervinda, take pride in their original and modern interpretation of the traditional folksongs of Scandinavia. The group’s name, Åkervinda, is inspired by a Swedish wildflower whose roots spread far and wide like rivers under the ground. Like the flower, gracefully entwining melodies, rock solid groove, and ever intriguing harmonies will take root in your mind. Like the flower, they will be impossible to remove.


Katrine Hoffmann & Maria Sloth

As visual artists and fashion artists they are in constant search for reasons how and why to do fashion in the world today, where there is no actual need or reason for more clothes. They seek to tell stories through shape and material. To tell undefined stories about human relations. Examine the material perception and emotions and to vision there design to be a perceptual experience, that motivates a description of it, and through that description, nuance dialogs through narrative images.


Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov

As a conceptual stageartist and an actress Liv is finding new ways of experiencing life through the art of theater and music.

Always leaving a questionmark rather than an exclamation she nurses the little as well as great stories of human life, relations and politics. It is an ongoing proces where there is always something to be learned, new doors to be opened.

IKI, Åkervinda, Katrine Hoffmann, Maria Sloth, Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov