ARTs, agency and social mobility
Ylva Hofvander Trulsson
1 April 2015 - 31 December 2019
his research study by Ylva Hofvander Trulsson focused on intergenerational discourses and dialogue on Sami culture and its relationship to contemporary society in Sweden and Norway. In Hofvander Trulsson’s previous research a strong discourse on social mobility and ‘class remobility’ has been found in relation to learning music and arts. Culture, music and arts can be assumed to strengthen the Sami habitus and create a social reconstruction of Sami identity and agency.
Blind Spots
Woodpecker Projects
17 September 2015 - 17 September 2015
In light of the current situation where an increasingly heated political climate is shaping the rhetoric and discussion concerning migrants and refugees – we wish to investigate the agency of art and artists working with these matters or within related fields.

The symposium Blind Spots will explore a number of different artistic practices operating in a social and political context over two days. In order to expand the critical perspectives, practitioners and institutions in the Oresund region as well as transnational agents are invited to contribute with their perspectives in relation to art and migration. The focus will be on questions concerning inclusion/exclusion, activism/art, empowerment/representation and the artist's role when working in political contexts. The symposium is also an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with practitioners in the field of art dealing with migration through different approaches.

The symposium is organized by Woodpecker Projects and artist Maj Hasager in collaboration with Inter Arts Center and Malmö Konstmuseum.
Polifonia Liquida
Alessandro Perini
26 September 2015 - 26 September 2015
The work involves a series of 8 independent audiovisual systems (arranged as two groups of three and five), each one composed of a sound actuator (a contact speaker capable of inducing vibration into surfaces) and a point light source that passes through a water-filled plexi plate and projects the vibration-induced shape modifications of the water surface on the wall.
Leif Holmstrand
9 December 2015 - 15 December 2015
About a year ago Leif Holmstrand was invited to do a one-year residency at IAC. There were no plans or fixed expectations, other than the expectation of endless possibilities, of artistic adventures and experiments. During the year Leif Holmstrand has intervened in IAC newly renovated and sterile environment with his garbage installations, an organic text/newspaper wall piece, readings, performances and generously curated a video programme at our entrance. But before we end our formal residential collaboration, we hope you will join us for a last event – a happening, installation and book release, that somehow wraps up Holmstrands activities of the past year here.
Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir
Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir
1 August 2015 - 31 August 2021
Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir has been the artistic director of Nordic Affect since its inception in 2005. Believing that the exciting things happen "in the connection" Halla Steinunn’s work with the ensemble has been a tour de force when it comes to collaborative relationships with composers, visual artists, and producers. Furthermore she’s brought the spotlight to women’s role in music history, leading to projects such as HÚN/SHE which was broadcast by the European Broadcasting Service in 2015.

With degrees from The Royal Danish Academy of Music and Indiana University School of Music, Halla Steinunn now holds a PhD position in artistic research at Lund University, in a time where the divide between creator and performer is being questioned in theoretical writings and in practice.
Welcome to voice land
Janna Holmstedt
27 November 2015 - 27 November 2015
Janna Holmstedt, PhD Candidate at Umeå Academy of Fine Art, is presenting her work "YOU-TAPE-GOD – Explorations of Voice, A/Orality and Constructed Situations from Within a Visual Arts Practice" in a 50% PhD seminar at Inter Arts Center in Malmö.
Marie Fahlin, Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Ngo Tra My, Stefan Östersjö, Matt Wright
31 October 2015 - 28 November 2015
Inside/Outside is an installation and performance for three choreographed musicians based on a concept by Nguyen Thanh Thuy. The project is now heading off for an international tour starting at Världskulturmuseet in Göteborg.
Ghost Installations
Katt Hernandez
24 October 2015 - 31 May 2016
Temporary installations placed in sites in Stockholm to give the places chosen a "ghost" of both the past and of alternative futures.
And Again Shifts / Och igen skiften
Imri Sandström, Linnéa Eriksson, David Vikgren and more
26 September 2015 - 17 October 2015
The exhibitions is part of Sandström's artistic research project Howe Across Reading – Performing the Past which is an investigation into the histories and languages of New England in the north east of USA and Västerbotten in the north of Sweden, with and through the writings of poet and literary scholar Susan Howe. The region's colonial historical narratives, thick with impenetrable woods, biblical language and "new" land co-resonate in a variety of ways. The project looks at, and listens to, how sounds, times and spaces are generated in ongoing translation and trans-historical reading and writing across geographies, religions, and literatures. Howe's texts are here a condition for searching, a means to navigate within archives, narratives, language based time-space.
Polifonia Liquida
Alessandro Perin
26 September 2015 - 26 September 2015
“Polifonia liquida” (liquid polyphony) is a sound and light installation by Alessandro Perini, exhibited at Inter Arts Center for the Gallery Night of Malmö (Sweden) on the 26th of September, 2015.
Blind Spots – a symposium on art and migration
Maria Concetta Borgese, Maj Hasager, Maria Kjær Themsen, Ask Kæreby, Silvia Litardi, Ibrahim Mahama and more
17 September 2015 - 18 September 2015
The symposium Blind Spots will explore a number of different artistic practices operating in a social and political context over two days. In order to expand the critical perspectives, practitioners and institutions in the Oresund region as well as transnational agents are invited to contribute with their perspectives in relation to art and migration. The focus will be on questions concerning inclusion/exclusion, activism/art, empowerment/representation and the artist's role when working in political contexts. The symposium is also an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with practitioners in the field of art dealing with migration through different approaches.
Soft City in Malmö
Chto Delat, Greg Pope, Guro Moe, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Håvard Skaset , Ignas Krunglevicius, Jennifer Walshe, Keren Cytter, Leif Holmstrand, Maria Hassabi, Sandra Mujinga, Steinar Haga Kristensen
4 September 2015 - 20 September 2015
Nearly a year ago Kunsthall Oslo presented a three-day programme of performances, concerts and screenings around the city of Oslo. This year, also in September, Soft City will reappear in Malmö, in a different form, as an extension or supplement to Kunsthall Oslo’s aim to present contemporary artists that inhabit or subvert established genres of performance, like opera, musicals and TV-drama. Opening Friday 4 September at 5-10 pm.
Artistic research network in music
Maria Bania - Göteborg, Anders Carlsson - Göteborg, Marina Cyrino - Göteborg (PhD candidate), Henrik Frisk - Konstnärliga forskarskolan, Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm, Kim Hedås - Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm, Katt Hernandez - Malmö/Stockholm (PhD candidate), Anders Hultqvist - Göteborg, David Myhr - Piteå (PhD candidate), Per Anders Nilsson - Göteborg, Alex Novitz - Stockholm Uniarts (PhD candidate), Kent Olofsson - Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm (PhD candidate), Daniel Stighäll - Piteå (PhD candidate), Åsa Stjerna - Göteborg (PhD candidate), Joel Speerstra - Göteborg, Halla Steinunn - Malmö (PhD candidate), Nguyen Thanh Thuy - Malmö (PhD candidate), Sara Wilén - Malmö (PhD candidate), Stefan Östersjö - Malmö
25 August 2015 - 26 August 2015
There is a tendency that discussions concerning artistic research is kept theoretic, thus avoiding the most important aspect of the research: the artistic practice.
Even if practical obstacles (such as spaces, technology, equipment) are bypassed, there is still a need for the artist to figure out an efficient way in which the practice can be combined with other means of communication, or how it can stand by itself. If the practice cannot be presented "live" what kind of modes of representation are usable? How can knowledge about the practice be communicated to the audience in a way that may makes it useful?
We all learned to negotiate
Angelica Falkeling
14 August 2015 - 29 August 2015
When we first approached the border, we did not know how to cross it. I saw you leap over. Duck under. Then pass. It was pierced by small holes, openings where our fingers could touch. Sometimes we would pass each-other imperceptibly, moving with ease. Sometimes our breath became laboured.
Sound as touch
3 August 2015 - 21 August 2015
Julia Giertz is a dancer and musician, educated at the The National School for Contemporary Dance in Denmark. The base of her current research at IAC is the concept of sound as touch.
THE SIX TONES AND ISH S (edgecut | sound reasons)
Henrik Frisk, Stefan Östersjö
1 July 2015 - 1 July 2015
The sound artist Ish Shehrawat and The Six Tones explore a range of traditional and electronic sound worlds from India, Vietnam and Europe.
Invitation: Performing Encryption Improvisational Workshop
Susan Kozel mfl
4 June 2015 - 4 June 2015
If the downside of perpetual archiving is perpetual surveillance, then bodily encryption practices are part of an overarching strategy for controlling and disseminating personal data. Yes, we support Open Data – but when the data come from your body it is sometimes necessary to decide what is open, for whom, and when.
To take directions/ Att ta regi
Catharina Bergil, Högskolan för scen och musik, Göteborgs Universitet, Harald Emgård, Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, Michael Norlind, Teaterhögskolan i Luleå, Simon Norrthon, Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola, Organizer: Teaterhögskolornas skådespelarutbildningar
29 May 2015 - 29 May 2015
What is the demands and expectations on an actor? What does it mean to make your self available for the theater situation? How can the different roles of the private person and the actor and the character be used. What are they really taught at the academy?
26 May 2015 - 30 May 2015
Discussions on the political possibilities of the drama text in matters of analyzing and problematising political symptoms as well as the utopian ones. How does some of the younger generation of dramaturgs consider the framing and embodiment of injustice, identity politics and representation. What kinds of stories do they want to perform?
Human and Machine
Rober Brolin
20 May 2015 - 31 May 2014
The "Human and Machine" project is a meeting between many different competences and one of its challenges has been to develop a mutual language and understanding of the different fields to be able to create an environment were new ideas and concepts can be born, a kind of artistic crossbreed between theatre and interaction design. It has also been a first step towards realizing the conceptual program "The technological narrative".
Project Portal
Stefan Stanisic, Emma Bexell
5 May 2015 - 30 May 2015
Project Portal is the title of Emma Bexell and Stefan Stanisic (Bombina Bombast)'s investigation into virtual reality gear in human specific performing arts. By c reating 360° films for Oculus powered virtual reality headsets, interacting them with sensorial elements: touch, smell, taste and leaving the choice of where to direct attention to the audience participant Project Portal explores the intermingling of memories and fiction, instincts and political realities, intimacy and technology.
Black Noise Wind
Mathias Kristersson
1 May 2015 - 29 November 2015
During the first three weeks in May Mathias Kristersson will present a public work in process in the Black room. The musical project will change and develop over time and visitors are invited to take part of the process.
Like the walls come to my house
Meise fabricius, keanan Fox, marianne glimsdal, golnosh hosseini
23 April 2015 - 29 April 2015
Like the walls come to my house will be a series of workshops, reading groups and lectures using the pro- cess of film making itself to think about working as an artist in the moving image today. We will begin with an introductory lecture looking at the difference between modernist and post-modern approaches to artist film and how ideas around illusion have changed in the last 50 years within art/moving image discourse.
Colliding Narratives
Jesper Veileby
27 March 2015 - 11 April 2015
"How does one tell a story, and what happens when more than one collide?" Through an installation show with video as its main focus the artists look at their interest in the fictive and chronicle, questioning what it means to have a narrative practice.
Jakob Riis, Ola Paulsson
23 March 2015 - 29 May 2015
FRIM/SYD is a concert organizer for improvised music and sound art.

During spring 2015, we work with the concepts of space and movement and will present concerts that explores these concepts based on both the musician, the organizers and the audience's perspective.
Pernille Mejer: Depth & Ease
Pernille Mejer , Emelie Bardon, Frigge Fri
22 March 2015 - 23 August 2015
I have made an artistic research on depth&ease in various elements – the voice, the body, the beat, the phrase, words and lyrics, movement, emotions – in order to get nearer the essence of the voice and its possibilities of expression. I believe that getting closer to the seed of my true voice is getting closer to all human beings. As a vocal archaeologist I expand my knowledge about the human and the world by digging deeper into the voice.
Jörgen Dahlqvist, Kent Olofsson
18 March 2015 - 18 March 2015
In Fält (Fields) we encounter a chorus of voices that revolves around the conditions of existence. The performance takes place somewhere between life and death, in a dream about something else on the other side of the field - far away from violence, heroin and glue, children getting abused, houses in ruins and the small pony toy lying around on the street waiting for a child to pick it up again.
Future Legends
2 February 2015 - 31 March 2015
FUTURE LEGENDS is Musik i Syd's new initiative dedicated to experimental music & contemporary performative art. In spring 2015 FUTURE LEGENDS will create three events dedicated to awesome contemporary experimental music & art from established, up & coming, and underground acts, both local and from all around the world.
Imaginary Exhibitions – the Gestures
26 January 2015 - 28 January 2015
The aim of the course is to expand the notion of space and to use imagination and fiction as a tool for exhibition making as well as discuss the web of connections and knowledge that informs contemporary exhibition making. Following this thread we will expand the discussion to cover the relations between bodies and virtual spaces, perception and physicality.
22 January 2015 - 1 June 2015
This is the first public intervention at IAC by Leif Holmstrand. A choir of strongly infected sleep (Snoring) will be listened to carefully by a sitting audience. After the concert, you are invited to stay for discussions and ‘fika’.