Open Call at IAC

Open Call at IAC

We encourage professional artists, researchers, curators and institutions within all art forms and nationalities to apply!

The aim of IAC is to create a strong interdisciplinary environment for development, production and exchange. Approved projects vary from one-day performances to long-term projects.

What do we offer?

IAC offers good facilities for concerts, exhibitions, screenings, talks, performance, dance and theatre, but at the same time it also includes smaller and more isolated spaces for conferences, master classes, lectures, workshops, research, sound and video editing studios as well as one artist studio.

We offer facilities, equipment, and technical as well as curatorial support to all approved applicants, but no additional production budget or artist fee. It is up the applicants to ensure that a full budget is secured elsewhere.

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Realising a project at IAC gives you the possibility to be part of a unique interdisciplinary environment and network of artists, researchers, musicians, producers, composers, directors, actors, writers and curators.

Once you get a project approved you also have the possibility of becoming a more permanent user of IAC, which gives you a number of privileges, such as short term booking of our studios.

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Application criteria

Our main criteria are:

  • High artistic quality and the urge to experiment, fail and investigate and break new ground within the fields of music, performing arts and visual arts – and in some cases related artistic expression such as literature, dance and film.
  • We also prioritise interdisciplinary and research based art, but are open to any experimental approach that can contribute with new ideas to the development of performing arts, music and visual art.
  • Lastly, we ask for a motivation why the project is relevant to carry out at IAC, and not somewhere else. So we give preference to projects that integrate a reflection around the use of IACs specific facilities and equipment, as well as connecting to the profile of the institution.


You can apply for the Open Call once a year: 1 February (TBC)

How to apply

Fill out and submit the form here –

Don’t forget to attach a project description, CV or Portfolio and other relevant documentation or elaboration of your work, like drawings, images, sound or video material.

We normally respond to all applicants approx. a month after the deadline.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about booking or applications at