Make Sound Residencies selected!

November 25th
Make Sound Residencies selected!
Julie Østengaard, Lola Ajima, Ingvild Skandsen, Lasse Munk
Approved Make Sound residencies in October

At the last deadline October 1st, Make Sound received 13 interesting applications for a residency in 2020. Two projects have now been chosen. Congratulations to Julie Østengaard who is going to work with her project ‘Con/current’ during her residency and to Lola Ajima, Ingvild Skandsen and Lasse Munk with the project ‘Deus Ex Machina – Interpretation on the acousmonium’.

Julie Østengaard

In the current sound-based work, a kinetic sound sculpture is creating acoustic sound through movement of its own material derived from motorized movements and disorganized movements originated in the acoustic material itself. It interacts with electronic sound in a live performance and the work is thus both an installation and a performance. The electronic soundscape is created from real-time samplings of the installation and spatialized through speakers placed around the room. Con/current is an interchanging sound piece that blends virtual and physical sound in a virtual and physical space. Existing both as physical sound and figure in a physical space and at the same time as virtual sound in a virtual space, the work seeks to create a relation to modern humanity, living in coexistence with its physical and digital self.

Lola Ajima, Ingvild Skandsen & Lasse Munk
Deus Ex Machina – Interpretation on the acousmonium

To perform on an acousmonium is a powerful and very engaging way to spatialise acousmatic compositions live. But it is still a niche, mainly due to the simple fact that an acousmonium is rare. It takes a lot of time, planning and equipment to install it, as well as it takes time to master it to perform live. Lola Ajima, Ingvild Skandsen and Lasse Munk all co-founders of the soundartist collective Deus Ex Machina, all work in different ways on the acousmonium. This is why they have been invited to do a concert on the acousmonium at the Sound Spaces Festival, April 2020. For the residency, they make use of the opportunity to have the acousmonium for a longer period, to do research in spatialisation on their respective styles of acousmatic music, preparing for the concert. They will benefit to have time to share experiences with each other and find inspiration in their differences. During the residency they will do hands-on workshops on the acousmonium for people interested in trying out this particular way of performing acousmatic music.


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