Maria Norrman

Maria Norrman

Maria Norrman’s work explore hers and other people’s fantasies, which often relate to how the body, clothing, and genders are used as a means of expression. Her main mediums are video and photography in combination with performance and costume making.

She’s interested in how images and fantasies are manifested and what function they have for the persons engaged with them. Norrman often examine how history is used as a kind of tool for relating to one’s surroundings, or as a tool to repress it. The work explores why we fantasise and create images about such things as war, gender or sex.

Using herself as a character in the videos allows Norrman to use her appearances and gender expressions in relation to the participants, which creates a dynamic situation in the tension between them. Their conversations often build up the central narrative.

Norrman was born in 1987 and received her Master from Malmö Art Academy in 2013. Recent exhibitions include Gallery Ping-Pong, Malmö 2018, Weekly Mass at Skånes Konstförening 2018, Gotland Art Museum 2017 and Hemskt Roligt curated by Peter Johansson at Gallery 21, Malmö 2016. She received a project grant from The Swedish Arts grants committee for the project P18/Q – The Queer Company in 2016 and a 1-year work grant in 2017.

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