Karolina Erlingsson

Karolina Erlingsson

Karolina Erlingsson (* 1980) is a visual artist based in Malmö. She works in film, audio, text, installation and performance with a focus on narrative. Erlingsson is drawn to silent experiences, stories from the margins, or stories about to fade from memory – depicting presence through absence. Many of her works are centered around translations, interpretations and transitions. In 2017, OEI editör published Erlingsson’s artists’ book EME EMAUTO and her work has been exhibited in, among other places, OBRA gallery in Malmö; Moderna Muséet in Stockholm, Lund’s Konsthall and at the Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art.

The audio part of EME EMAUTO was recorded, edited and mastered at the IAC sound studio.

Curriculum vitae Karolina Erlingsson

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