Julia Giertz

Julia Giertz

Julia Giertz is a sound artist living and working primarily between Stockholm, Malmö and Copenhagen. Her works are informed by an extensive research into movement, resonance and embodiment.

Giertz has a background in choreography as well as engineering, and her artistic practice emerges from this physical ground. Today she works with the movement of sound in relation to bodies, construction and electronics. She often works with immersive audio and multichannel speaker arrays in order to cast the air in sealed ecologies of sound.

Currently Giertz has an internship with engineer Daniel Araya at EMS in Stockholm, as part of a one year program run by Tarek Atoui, the Royal Institute of Arts in Stockholm and the Venice Biennale.

Giertz also gives lectures and workshops for Popkollo, Vem Kan Bli Producent, Dansehallerne, Malmö Arts Academy amongst others.

Current work: Oceanic and vocal synthesis

Giertz has an ongoing collaboration with the choreographer Marie Topp. Currently they are developing a new piece titled ‘Oceanic’. This work is a study of the way we listen to high pitched voices. At the core of this collaboration is a shared interest for the way our perception is affecting our thoughts, and how our senses are forming our believes.

In the piece Oceanic Marie Topp will perform in an environment of singing sculptures and soft mechanical structures, rendering high pitched sounds. Giertz and Topp are currently developing these instruments in collaboration with various artist and engineers.

Oceanic is the second piece in what Topp and Giertz refers to as the Haptic Series. The work wishes to blur the optic distance, by insisting on the performance space as a space for making kin through embodiment and immersive experiences. The first work in the Haptic Series was the performance ‘Liaisons’ (2018) by Marie Topp, with music by Julia Giertz.

As a pre-study to the Oceanic Giertz had a residency at Notam in Oslo where she developed the piece ‘Shrill’ (2018). In this piece she worked with artificially generated voices and formant modulation. Shill has been presented at Notam in Oslo, Italienska Palatset in Växjö, Danseatelier in Copenhagen and the festival Sound of Stockholm in collaboration with Konstmusiksystrar and the record label Stoscha.

Partners in this research are EMS, IAC, Notam, the Danish Arts Council, the Royal Institute of Arts in Stockholm, Slingan tour network (MDT, Palladium, Atalante)

Other collaborations:

Julia Giertz also collaborates with visual artist Lisa Nyberg. They share a common interest in speculative futures. Their work seeks to collectively engage in the vulnerability of an unknown tomorrow. By means of immersive audio and a guiding voice they create visualised meditations, as performance and installation.

Nyberg & Giertz presented the sound installation ‘UNSETTLING II: A guided meditation to the sea’ at the Venice Biennale of 2017, the performance piece ‘UNSETTLING III: together to the sea’ at the EARN conference ‘HAUNTOPIA/ What If’ (2017), and the sound installation ‘FEELERS’ at Inter Arts Center in Malmö as part of the Intonal festival of 2018.

Nyberg & Giertz released a new meditation called ‘Antifascistisk Gatumeditation’ in 2019, recorded and produced at IAC in Malmö as well as in EMS in Stockholm.

Listen to the meditation here – juliagiertz.info

Visit Julia Giertz’ website – juliagiertz.info

Photo credits: Svetlana Manic

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