Jakob Riis

Jakob Riis

Composer, laptop musician, improviser. Active in the experimental fields of electronic music, soundart, sonic webart, improvisation and contemporary composition.

Jakob Riis was educated trombone player form Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen 1990. A few years later his interest moved towards composition and free improvisation. During 1996-1998 he studied composition at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory with teachers Bob Brookmeyer, Jens Winther and Svend Hvidtfeld Nielsen. Around 2001 he changed his main instrument from trombone to laptop, primarily working with MaxMSP.

Today Jakob Riis primarily works with noise and electroacoustic music in various formats: duo, solo and larger ensembles. He has composed for and worked with a wide range of different ensembletypes: bigband, chamber orchestra, multichannel loudspeaker orchestra and solo laptop. In recent years improvisation is a growingly important element in his music.

Currently Jakob Riis are composing for and performing with: Amplify the Arab (w/ Jassem Hindi), Konvoj Ensemble, Liquid Nails (w/ Mathias Kristersson), Nguyễn Thanh Thủy, Ris och Ros (w/ Ann Rosén) og The Orchestra.

Photo credit: Christer Männikus

Visit Jakob Riis’ webpage – sonicescape.net

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