Helena Olsson

Helena Olsson

Helena Olsson (*1982) works with power structures, identity, historiography and the need to create dreams and ideals. She mainly works with video installation and participation, which plays a major role in this. Most of her work is done through collaboration with other individuals, groups or institutions. This can be done through reading groups, interviews, working with actors, hands-on performances or workshops.

Helena sees her practice as a platform for investigations, which can facilitate the realization of different activities and encounters. Through combining authentic material, staged performances and archival material she tries to ask questions about representation, authenticity and fiction. The installations usually consist of several projections, so that a linear narrative can be left and instead several aspects of a story become visible.

Read Helena Olsson’s CV (PDF, 164 kB, new tab)

Visit Helena Olsson’s website – helenapetronella.se

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