Helena Fernández-Cavada

Helena Fernández-Cavada

Helena Fernández-Cavada (*1979, Madrid) is a visual artist that lives and works in Malmö. Helena tries to draw every day, to pose questions and to play with them – a process that oscillates between conceptual nomadism, the questioning of the established relationships, experimentation with different materials and curiosity as an attitude towards life.

Each project is an opportunity to begin a learning process focused on observing local contexts and raising questions to create a network of critical perspectives on a concrete situation, often related with time appropriation and the possible meanings of time sharing.

Helena Fernández-Cavada has recently participated in collective and solo shows at Krognoshuset, (SE); Matadero Madrid (ES); Galeria Arroniz, (MX); Museumsbygningen (DE); Casa Encendida, (ES); Index (SE); Museo del Chopo (MX); Casa del Lago (MX); Inter Arts Center (SE), Desiré Saint Phalle (MX).

Visit Helena Fernández-Cavada’s website – helenafc.com

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