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Portrait of Hedvig Jalhed. Photo.

Hedvig Jalhed


Portrait of Hedvig Jalhed. Photo.

The Delphic Room : An Artistically Derived Metaphor


  • Hedvig Jalhed
  • Mattias Rylander
  • Kristoffer Åberg

Summary, in English

In his well-known thought experiment regarding artificial intelligence (AI), John Searle sketched out the philosophic idea of “The Chinese room” – a room in which comprehensible rules (a program) allow a person to perfectly correlate one set of unknown linguistic symbols (a question) with another (an answer) of the same unfamiliar kind. In our creation of an AI-based micro-opera for humans and machines, we have come to reflect upon our concept as an artistic response to Searle’s arguments and a mirroring complement to his debated figure. Our immersive and interactive opera was conceived as a modular series of musically paced meetings between individual visitors and a singing seeress in contact with the digital realm. As an analogy to the Delphic oracle, the seeress delivered AI-prompted answers to the visitors’ questions in real time, framed by poetical, musical, and theatrical structures. In Searle’s Chinese room, goal-oriented computational mechanisms remain detached from understanding during the linguistic operation. In our Delphic room, understanding is key for carrying out the aesthetic operations intended to artistically stimulate a coupling of intellectual and visceral information processing in open-ended and personal ways.


  • Inter Arts Center
  • Teachers (Malmö Academy of Music)

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Document type

Conference paper: abstract


  • Arts
  • Philosophy


  • artistic research
  • philosophy
  • experiment
  • opera
  • artificial intelligence
  • interaction
  • information
  • Delphic oracle
  • Searle
  • Chinese room

Conference name


Conference date

2024-03-18 - 2024-03-19

Conference place

Oslo, Norway