Listening Station

Open collection of sound-based art and experimental music

The initial idea behind the listening station was to be able to hear and share some of the older formats of sound-based work that we have received over the years, such as vinyl and old tapes. But it’s also about offering a nice place to take a break and relax, with headphones.

Over the years, IAC has had the pleasure of hosting a broad variety of interesting artists with different backgrounds and experiences in field of sound-based art and experimental music. So, we decided to start building an open collection of sound-based art and experimental music.

The idea is that the collection should reflect some of the work that has been developed and edited in various residencies at IAC, and on a more general level to give you an insight into the field of sound art and contemporary music.

The open collection is intended to grow continuously over time and is placed in a corner of the Café, next to the Research Platform. It will include vinyl, audio tapes and CDs.

Make yourself comfortable in the wing chair, put on the headphones and immerse yourself in the latest sound-based artwork and experimental music.

Feel inspired and keep up to date. Or just take a break.