Transistor 8: “other ear”
Kirstine Lindemann
Location: Black Room

How to interact with the body in music performance?

Talk and showcase. Ideas and reflections on the physicality of the audience and the performer in music performance.

The talks includes extracts of Lindemann’s earlier work along with a short showcase of the work in progress: ‘Can you hear me?’. The piece explores the physicality in music performance through means of interference tones and the doppler effect.

The piece has been part of Lindemann’s time in the Make Sound Residency at Inter Arts Center in collaboration with Danish Composers’ Society.

Kirstine Lindemann (*1987) composer-performer and classically trained recorder player.

Danish Kirstine Lindemann is a composer-performer working within the field of contemporary music and music theatre. She studied music at the Sibelius Academy of Music (FI) as well as at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (NL) and conceptual stage performance at Theaterhögskolan Malmö.

Specialized as a musician and physical performer she’s performed extensively around Europe a.o. having won the TUF chamber music competition, Iceland and the Gold award at Amsterdam Fringe Festival.

The physicality of the performer and the audience in music performance is a central part of her work in which the body plays a significant role.

Kirstine is currently delving into the work as a physical performer and instrumentalist in the postgraduate soloist-program at the National Academy of Music (DK).


Event dates
30 October, 16:00