A Study Day on Listening with Rajni Shah
Öresunds Collegium for Artistic Reseach

20–21 September, 10:00–16:00, location: IAC, Red Room

Rajni Shah will offer an intimate workshop in which they will invite participants to take part in anti-racist and anti-colonial listening practices, and will share from their own book ‘Experiments in Listening’. This is a chance for artists and researchers to come together, share from their own practices, and explore the thorny entanglements within the promise of ‘listening across difference.

Rajni especially welcomes people who feel marginalized or silenced by more mainstream structures of dialogue and interaction. At this point, we have a few places left specifically for artists or students who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour.* In addition, please let us know if you have any access requirements, including required length of sessions, mobility needs, or anything else so that we can plan the workshop with care for all who take part in it.

The workshop divides into two days and halves. The first day will be facilitated by Rajni. The second day will be based on the propositions by the participants. You are welcome to demonstrate your practice, come up with a short workshop, experiment or facilitate a discussion on the topic. The time reserved for each contribution is 30–45 minutes, including discussions.

Please confirm your participation at jan.michelsen@thm.lu.se by Sunday 4 September. In all the queries, please be in contact with esa.kirkkopelto@thm.lu.se.

* (Rajni recognises that ‘BIPOC’ is in itself a complicated categorisation of race. These terms can feel clumsy, but are helpful in the work of decentering whiteness. If you self-identify as BIPOC and have lived experience of racialisation you are welcome here, no questions asked. And if you have questions, please get in touch!)

Read about Rajni’s listening work here –  autmnbling.blogspot.com

Learn about their artistic practice at the artist’s page – rajnishah.com

Image by Lucille Acevedo-Jones, Manuel Vason, and Rajni Shah (2007).

Event dates
20 September, 10:00
21 September, 10:00