OutLoud! Jazz students’ graduation festival
Malmö Academy of Music
Location: Red Room

Final concerts with bachelor students from jazz and individual studies at the Malmö Academy of Music.

19/5 at 18:30 – Lovisa Lidgren
“Fishbowl” – a work developed with a focus on text presentation and storytelling. After much thought, many feelings and many words, the final version consists of 12 different songs in the form of lyrics. They are performed in a mixture of composed and improvised elements to show what is going on inside and to present something that may not always get much attention.

”Pour soap into the fishbowl

so that my only option

is to leave”

19/5 at 20:00 – Gabriel Øien
A jazz group’s interpretation of the music of a non-existent video game, following a journey from character selection to the final battle.

20/5 at 18:30 –Jenny-Anne Fåglefelt
Before the concert, Jenny-Anne Fåglefelt decided to take a completely new approach: Instead of composing with notes, she wrote texts to be interpreted through improvisation. The three texts have different forms and styles, which means that each improvisation has its own unique character.

20/5 at 20:00 – Axel Almqvist
Infectious riffs, rocking grooves and catchy melodies, written and arranged in the style of fusion/funk/soul.

21/5 at 15:00 –Arendse Nordtorp Pedersen
A musical interpretation of the years 2020 – 2023 from the perspective of a Danish individual student. Through times of isolation and boarder closure, ear-training through an unstable internet connection, digital experiments and – in the end – the excitement of meeting new playmates and perform music without restrictions. A concert that mixes ambient universes with acoustic hands-on instrumental music in a colourful hybrid of genres.

21/5 at 16:30 –Albin Andersson
Unusual time signatures and unusual instrumentation, original music where the emphasis is on the musicians taking on each other’s roles.

Event dates
19 May, 18:30
19 May, 20:00
20 May, 18:30
20 May, 20:00
21 May, 15:00
21 May, 16:30