No Show, revisited / Installation in connection to the 50 % seminar by Steinunn Knúts-Önnudóttir
Steinunn Knúts-Önnudóttir
Location: Black Room

3 & 6 December, 10.00–17.00
7 December
, 10.00–15.00

Location: Black Room

The installation is based on the work ‘No Show’, that is a part of Steinunn Knúts Önnudóttir´s research ‘How Little is Enough? Sustainable Methods of performance for Transformative Encounters’. ‘No Show’ is a series of five immersive participatory performances, solitary experiences performed in five private homes in different neighbourhoods of Reykjavík in June – August 2020. In the work, the guest would be given a key to a stranger’s home and invited to meet the host through handwritten letters placed in different locations in the home. Through the letters the hosts shared fragments of their stories, everyday rituals and values that relate to their homes and family. The spectator would be invited to perform tasks that involved observation, action, and contemplation. As a guest you engaged in an intimate dialogue with a person who wasn’t there.

In the installation a selection of these letters is displayed in suggestive and porous settings that allow the guests to interact with the material and fill in the gaps with their imagination.

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Event dates
3 December, 10:00
6 December, 10:00
7 December, 10:00