Lola Ajima plays Bernard Parmegiani
Location: Red Room

Lola Ajima plays Bernard Parmegiani “Dedans-Dehors” and “l’Oeil écoute”-

Lola Ajima is the artist name of Boe Przemyslak, a Danish electroacoustic composer and sound artist educated at Conservatoire de Pantin in Paris, where she studied acousmatic composition with Christine Groult, Marco Marini and Jonathan Prager for acousmonium interpretation. She is very interested in the spatial dimension and changes of sound texture when it comes to giving the listener an intriguing and physical experience of space. Lola is co-founder of Beats by Girlz in Denmark and France, which teaches women, non-binary and transgender in electronic music, and also co-founder of the Copenhagen based XYZ Sound Collective with the mission to promote spatial and immersive sound experiences in Denmark. She is living in rural Burgundy, France.

Read an article about Lola Ajima’s work (in Swedish) at

Liten to Lola Ajima’s music at SounCloud

Photo: Lola Ajima, photo by Jonna Eve Eriksson.

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Event dates
29 April, 21:30