Immersive Days / lecture # 3
Jakob la Cour
Location: Webinar

Jakob la Cour, independent immersion artist

Immersion. Performance. Mysticism.

Jakob la Cour will share his artistic devotion to explorations within the field of mysticism and XR. Further elaborating on how he envisions building ceremonial XR performance installations for a live audience targeting seekers of transcendence. He will be sharing results from Mystical Touch (2019) and tell more about XR BLACK BOX ( – an industry network for XR and the performing arts supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.

Jakob la Cour independent immersion artist at JAKOB LA COUR STUDIO (est. 2005). With a Master’s Degree in Game and Interaction Design (2011) from The Royal Danish Academy of Art in Design. He is specialized in interactive experiences and works with a mix of performing arts, playful design, and new technology.


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IMMERSIVE DAYS is both a network and a new annual gathering of professional artists, curators, researchers, technicians, teachers and students within a broad field of immersive technologies and (artistic) practices. The initiative functions as a continuation of several symposiums, workshops and research into immersive technologies in art.

Due to the latest developments of Covid-19 and the regional restrictions, the Immersive Days gathering scheduled for November 11-12, 2020 has been postponed until April 2021 where it can coincide with our Acousmatic Lab.

Until then, we invite you to a series of digital lectures and discussions leading up to the gathering next year.

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Event dates
21 January, 10:00