Location: Red Room

Connect Festival 2022 presents its opening concert: Live Again at IAC. A contemporary performance event with premieres of new pieces composed by students of the composition department of the Malmö Academy of Music, some of which will feature theatrical performances by students of the Malmö Theatre Academy.


The event has a limit of only 40 people, so please make a reservation by writing an email to, stating your full name and the amount of seats you want to reserve. While you might be in luck showing up unannounced, reservations will ultimately be prioritized. The reservations will follow the first come, first served principle. Admissions are free.

Concert programme

Solveig Lindberg: Continuing Conflict
Continuing Conflict explores the relationship that early nomadic peoples have with war and warfare through the eyes of the (often) young men expected to wage them.

Hans Arturson: ARS – Action-Reaction-Signification for Ensemble
ARS is a composition for improvising musicians. The score is a combination of graphic notation and text instructions, as an inspiration to a music where the musicians are given extensive freedom of interpretation. The piece deals with possible choices of how to react, in a given
situation, as a response to actions by other players.

Erik Sköld: Climbing Dreams
“Climbing Dreams” for tape and actor is an electroacoustic work where the composer sampled different instruments to create textures that symbolizes longing, struggle and a sense of playfulness as well as innocence. The instruments used during the compositional process were a
kalimba, harp, recorder, harmonica, nose flute and two ocarinas. The actor Lars Ingar Lundin will perform and interpret this work with elements of mime and clown routines.

Veronika Krøll Voetmann: Metamorphose
Metamorphose is a piece that seeks to explore the interplay between cello, guitar and electronics in an environment of polymetric patterns and layers. The piece will move between moments built on strong rhythmic structures mixed with moments of a more improvisational character.

Fritiof Palm: Köksupptagning – an electroacoustic work for 32 speakers
You will never run out of work in the kitchen. The necessities of living naturally come with the cost of a prison of never ending pile of soul sucking chores that we are doomed to deal with for the rest of our lives. Yet, since we depend on it, we keep enduring it resiliently, while still having time
and energy left for things that matter to us. With a bare set of audio samples captured from objects that could be found in the kitchen and 32
loudspeakers, Köksupptagning (eng “Kitchen Take”) comprises an immersive world of sounds, tenaciously restricting itself to the confined sample set, while struggling to emancipate the samples from their immediate real world associations in an attempt to explore novel artistic expressions.

About the Connect Festival

Connect Festival is an annual festival for contemporary art music organized and produced entirely by the composition students of the Malmö Academy of Music, and only features new music composed by its students. This year’s festival will take place from the 11th – 13th of February in different venues in Malmö.

Further concerts as part of the Connect 2022 festival:

Featuring: Ensemble Reaktion!
12th of February, at 19.00, St. Pauli Church

Ensemble Mare Balticum
Featuring: Ensemble Mare Balticum
13th of February, at 17.00, St. Johannes Church

All admissions are free.

For more information visit Connect’s Facebook event page.

Event dates
11 February, 18:30