Arturas Bumšteinas / INTONAL 2022
Location: Red Room

Acousmatic concert #4 – in collaboration with Rupert: Arturas Bumšteinas

“Trophy from Organ Safari”

In the year 2008 Arturas Bumšteinas started recording pipe organs around Europe and built an ever-growing archive of organ sounds called “Organ Safari” which sees no end so far. Since the beginning the project has been adapted for various occasions, here are the documented ones:

“Stories from the Organ Safari” in Holland Festival, Orgelpark –

“Organ Archipelago” for Australian Broadcasting Corporation –

“Organ Safari Lituanica” CD by Intonema Records –

“Chronicles of Orgelsafari” in Schaubuhne Lindenfels, Leipzig –

The new version would be called “Trophy from Organ Safari” and it could be adapted for Acousmonium sound system. It is envisioned as a large form composition in which the labyrinth of organ field recordings would be collaged and distributed amongst the various speakers. The performance could be approached by the audience as an audio exhibition of the trophies collected during a safari expedition.

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A.B. 2022, Lisbon

Event dates
22 April, 21:30