50% Defense Seminar : A conversation with pianist & researcher Professor Doctor Pavlos Antoniadis
Fernando Garnero
Location: Red Room

Making music with feed-back. The experience of creating « Campo Amniótico »

Follow the PhD defense seminar live via the following link at Zoom.

This seminar is included in the general research framework of my PHD, regarding extended composable spaces[1], for diversified sound based artistic practices, including trans-media works.

For this discussion with the artist & researcher Pavlos Antoniadis Fernando Garnero will focus on the experience of creating sound based art work with a chaotic phenomenon as feedback in his recent piece Campo amniótico (2020/22) – for two performers playing controlled Larsen, two synthetic voices & ring modulation -, and the on going research on the subject that he is carrying out with performer & researcher Mauricio Carrasco, who has already played this work several times.

After a brief introduction to his doctoral project & current artistic practice, they will address the issues related to the use of feedback in the making of musical works, and the challenges it poses for both the composer and the performer in the work mentioned above. Feedback is a chaotic acoustic phenomenon: frequencies endlessly multiply themselves, amplitudes become unpredictable, and the sound can quickly become saturated or fade out. Despite this, musicians have been using feedback as a compositional device for more than fifty years, raising questions other than those purely related to instrumental and technological issues. Within this context, where does Campo Amniotico stand?

The seminar will also be supported by audio-visual examples and a short demonstration of the device present in Campo Amniotico.

In conclusion, Fernando will briefly review his ongoing research articles on this topic, and future projects within his doctoral program.

[1] Understood as a playground of objects interactions and operations that are constructed on various superimposed planes.

Event dates
14 October, 13:00