Rosine Ulrich
Location: Artist Studio

1:1 is an immersive sound installation and also Rosine Ulrich’s final project of her BA in Conceptual Performing Arts from Malmö Theatre Academy. Rosine is working with the human species’ relation to space and objects, and how the senses can act as a gateway to explore different ontologies about what we’re in and what we’re with. She researches how we can listen and describe with our hands in search of new understandings. The Artist Studio at IAC will be transformed into a small landscape of hay which the audience is invited to lay on and lay with while listening to the audio work that guides and uncovers the experience.

Above all the piece 1:1 is an invitation to rest, sense and be present.

There will be served tea in the café at IAC after each showing.

Rosine Ulrich’s artistic practice is thoughtful and profound. Existential reflection is the cornerstone in all of her work, and her minimalistic and meditative pieces are often based in philosophical theory. She aims to create scenic spaces with room for sensitivity, contemplation and softness. At the moment she is especially interested in ecology and language.

Duration: each showing is about 30 min

Registration: The showing is free but you need to book your spot through biljettbokning@thm.lu.se

NB: Real hay is being used, so beware if you have any kind of grass allergy.

Image credits: Rosine Ulrich

Event dates
13 March, 19:00
13 March, 20:00
13 March, 21:00
14 March, 13:00
14 March, 14:00
14 March, 19:00
14 March, 20:00
14 March, 21:00
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