Emma Bexell Stanisic

Emma Bexell Stanisic

Rehearsing through avatars

Artistic director and co-founder of performing arts group Bombina Bombast based in Malmö, Sweden. Emma is a writer, director and digital performing arts pundit. She received the prestigious Thalia award in 2020 and has together with Stefan Stanisic for over ten years created works for stage and screen characterized by the performative meeting innovative technologies, pioneering the combination of live art and VR. Bombina Bombast has presented at festivals and venues worldwide. 

Together with dancer and choreographer Robin Jonsson, Bombina Bombast has explored how rehearsals can work remotely in a shared live virtual environment. The collaboration has resulted in the development of a system that enables dancers, choreographers, actors and directors to rehearse remotely embodied as avatars with motion capture suits. 

Read more about Bombina Bombast here – bombinabombast.com

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Photo credits: Henrik Hellström

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