Dinis Machado

Dinis Machado

“It is as if [Machado], with his whole body, is trying to create another room, independently of the actual room we find ourselves in, here and now. A room just as imaginary as it is tangible.” [Thomas Olsson, in: www.nummer.se]

With an education in Dance and Visual Arts, Dinis Machado’s works develop from the crossing point of the following two areas: were the concrete gesture of plastic construction of objects, spaces and bodies is reclaimed and worked as choreographic material. In a post somatic perspective and caring about bodies that do not conceive, perform or imagine themselves as they are medically described, Machado works with mutating bodies that dance not from the bodies they have but from the extra material psychedelic bodies they imagine and claim for themselves.

Born in Porto in 1987. Based in Stockholm since 2012. Machado creates work as a choreographer since 2007.

Machado worked as a performer with Rachel Tess, DD Dorvillier, Michael Kliën, Trisha Brown Dance Company, among others.

In collaboration with the Swedish visual Artist Conny Karlsson Lundgren developed the videos “(Dissident) Dance Actions” (2017) exhibited at Moderna Museet Malmö, and “Gesture / Labor / Leisure” (2018) exhibited at Haninge Kulturhus. In 2017 in collaboration with the dance artist Anna Koch created a performance presented at the opening of the first exhibition of the curatorial program of Corina Oprea for Konsthall C. In 2018 developed the video collaboration “Scener härifrån” with the visual Artist Sebastian Dalqvist shown at Art Lab Gnesta.

Read Dinis Machado’s CV – dinismachado.com/biography

Visit Dinis Machado’s website – dinismachado.com

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