johan nordström
+46 (0) 708 666 306
Johan Nordström is a technician with a broad knowledge. He is an engineer with electronics and technology as his greatest interests who likes to develop unique solutions and does not understand the phrase "It's impossible". He has been active as a technician in the different areas of art since 1998 and thinks that cross experiments and collaborations are of utmost importance and what he really prefers to work with.
christian skovbjerg jensen
+46 (0)40 32 57 55
Since April 2014 he is the Director of Inter Arts Center. He is also the founder of and curator at Somewhere, a new public art initiative based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Christian has been working closely with artists from various disciplines in several of his previous managerial positions. He was one of the curators of the “6th Momentum Biennial” in 2011 and at the international art festival “TUMULT”, he was the Artistic Director. In 2012 he curated the public art and collaborative projects at Copenhagen Art Festival.
sven yngve oscarsson
site manager
+46 (0) 40 32 57 57
As a site manager at IAC, he is responsible for operation and coordination of activities and projects. Sven Yngve has extensive experience as a technician, engineer, producer, administrator and site manager of Malmö Theatre Academy and Malmö Art Academy, Lund University. He has also worked intermittently with special effects and pyrotechnics, and even for years himself toured as a performer.
kent olofsson
manager of studios
+46 (0) 704 234 12
As a composer, he has been working with a large number of prominent musicians, orchestras and conductors, both in Sweden and internationally. His works often combines instruments and voices with electronic sounds and processes. He is a composer and teacher at the Malmö Academy of Music. In fall 2010 Kent started his studies at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm in the new Konstnärliga Forskarskolan where his research focuses on composition and Sonic Art Theatre.
margot edström
manager of video/photo studios
As a junior lecturer in Fine Arts at Malmö Art Academy she is specialised in video and digital media (3D animation/printing, digital imaging and postproduction). She graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 1997. Her artistic background is in performance based video and experimentation with different kinds of narratives.
magnus pålsson