Make Sound – a residency for new sound based art

Make Sound – a residency for new sound based art

Inter Arts Center and the Danish Composers’ Society offer a residency programme at IAC for Danish composers and sound artists who work with experimental music and sound art. This is an open residency where artists can develop their own projects with sound as the focal point, based at the IAC facilities.

Applicants may apply for stays of between 2 weeks and 2 months, and there is a deadline twice a year. In addition to access to the IAC’s facilities and technical assistance, the residency includes travel support, lodging in Malmo and a production budget estimated according to needs and the length of stay. We expect to be able to offer 2-4 residencies per year.

Composers and sound artists residing in Denmark or with a significant connection to the Danish music scene can apply for a stay at IAC.

Composers who wish to apply must submit an application describing the project they want to work with during the residency. In addition to a description of the project with an elaboration about how exactly the facilities that IAC offers will be made use of and involved in the work and during the stay, the application must include a motivation for applying for a residency at IAC.

It should also specify whether the application is for a shorter stay (2-4 weeks) or a longer stay (5-8 weeks).

The applicant must provide a resume, 2-3 examples of existing works as well as an estimated budget for the project.

The assessment will emphasize on the extent to which the individual project idea and the desired residency can help to expand and develop new fields of music as well as sound-based art. We value all qualifying attempts to exceed and challenge the boundaries of what we normally associate with contemporary music and sound art.

We only accept applications by email.

Applications can be submitted twice a year with deadline: 1 April and 1 October.

Applications should be sent to:
Christian Skovbjerg Jensen.

For more information
Contact Christian Skovbjerg Jensen.

For more information about the application process contact Sine Tofte Hannibal