Transistor 4 – A festival for contemporary performing arts
Critical Perspectives as practice
21 October 2017 - 19 November 2017

Transistor 4 is the fourth month-long performing arts festival in two years. The previous festivals have emphasized the experiment and have often presented works in the midst of the process. This festival presents more finished works. The theme of Transistor 4 is ”Critical Perspective as a Practice”. The festival is focusing on the difference artists’ approach at looking and shaping the world in their work. What we are interested to investigate at this festival is to see whose stories are told, why, for who and in what way? The festival may not answer these questions, but may help us to think deeper and longer about art and the world.


Paper work – Orden svek mig inte

Mario Ocho, Felicia Ohly, Emilia Bongilaj

Location: Annex

21 October 19.30 and 20.30


Glappet i huvudet på vem som helst

Malin Morgan

Location: Black Room

23 October 19.30



Memory Wax

Location: Black Room

25 October 19.30


Brecht i Duschen

Ättestupa / Martin Bengtsson

Location: Black Room

27 October 19.30

28 October 19.30


Tre systrar

Teatr Weimar feat. Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov

Location: Black Room

30 October 19.30


Transistor Music

Location: Red Room

3-5 November, All Weekend


Lagomt väl pålästa feministiska tjejer som samlas i en grupp för att belysa ett feministiskt ämne som för sin tid är mer eller mindre aktuellt

Location: Black Room

11 November 19.30




Location: Black Room

12 November 19.30


Tillbaka till Renancer

Carina Ehrenholm och Björn Lindberg

Location: Black Room

17 November 19.30

18 November 19.30

19 November 19.30

Teatr Weimar, PotatoPotato, Ättestupa, wecollective, Bombina Bombast, TheHouseandTheRegulators, Malmö Dockteater, DonnaDonna, Memory Wax, Inkonst, Malin Morgan, Carina Ehrenholm & Björn Lindberg