Region Skåne Residency
Teater Insite
8 August 2022 - 28 August 2022

Teater Insite will explore how digital formats such as virtual reality and 3D sound can be used for interactive storytelling and to create immersive, site-specific, interactive and sensory encounters. During their Region Skåne residencythey will work together with Tim Bishop and visit the Multisensory Experience Lab, part of Aalborg University in Copenhagen. The aim is to share their experiences in the form of an interactive experience, followed by an open talk. 

The project is selected as part of the Region Skåne Call, which focuses on improving conditions for artistic creation through technical solutions, digital tools and the development of artistic methods.

Photo: Ilkka Häikiö

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Amanda Monceau, Matthias Hahne Thorbjörnsson, Ilkka Häikiö, Tim Bishop